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About Cove Wellness

Cove Wellness is a wellness spa located in La Jolla, California, along the Pacific Coast. With extensive spa treatment options, the goal of Cove Wellness is to encourage “natural vitality and radiant beauty” in all of their guests. Focusing on the lymphatic system, Cove Wellness hopes to prevent illnesses in their guests and recharge their minds, bodies, and spirits, so they may live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

The Program

Cove Wellness is unlike some other wellness spas, as they offer retreats over the course of multiple days but do not have their own lodging. Many guests that participate in Cove Wellness’s retreats (3 or 6 days long) simply book one of the many other hotels located in the same area as the spa.

Spa services and treatments are by appointment only and include:

  • Detox
  • Vacuum Therapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Breast Health
  • Lymph Care
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Massage

Visitors participating in the retreat receive 3 or 6 treatments customized for them, all for a fixed price.

Guests who are participating in colon treatments are advised to refrain from eating meat, cheese, and bread before their visit, while all other guests are asked to avoid eating completely 1-2 hours prior to their appointment.


Cove Wellness is located in La Jolla, California on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. This resort has underground parking (for a small fee), so out of state guests typically fly into the San Diego Airport and rent a car to the resort. Local guests may simply drive.


Cove Wellness offers 3-day and 6-day retreat packages. They also offer each of their services individually. Gratuities are not included in Cove Wellness’s set prices, so guests should allot an extra 15-25% for tips.

Guests choosing to visit the spa for a week can expect, on average to spend $1,700 or more for at least 6 treatments. This does not include lodging or meals. Visitors choosing to participate in fewer spa treatments can spend less. Because the prices are for each individual service or groups of services, guests can customize their stay to their own taste and budget. 


Cove Wellness is a luxury wellness spa located in La Jolla, California along the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Centered on lymphatic health, Cove Wellness offers several different spa treatments to restore guests’ health and vibrancy before guests return home. While at Cove Wellness, guests can work with the spa in order to customize their treatment plan so they may get the most out of their visit. During a trip to Cove Wellness, visitors may stay in one of the area’s many hotels. Guests are encouraged to detox and cleanse during the day, and experience the city of La Jolla and The Pacific beach at night.

Cove Wellness may be a good option for guests seeking a wellness and spa experience, but those looking for an all-inclusive weight loss resort may wish to look elsewhere.

Cove Wellness Pros

  • Reasonable price – Compared to other wellness spas in Southern California, Cove Wellness is less expensive, but according to guests, still offers a great value.
  • Friendly & informative staff – Many visitors to Cove Wellness sing the praises of the spa staff. They have commented about employees’ professionalism and friendliness, as well as their willingness to take time to explain treatments and ensure all guests are comfortable. 
  • Results: Guests who have received lymphatic treatments from Cove Wellness have been happy with their results—commenting that they feel younger, healthier and recharged.

Cove Wellness Cons

  • No lodging – Because Cove Wellness is strictly a spa and not a resort, they do not offer on-site lodging and guests must find and book hotel accommodations themselves. Some have said this makes it more difficult for them to budget their trip if they plan on staying longer than a day.


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