Fitness Travel in the COVID Era

Fitness Travel in the COVID Era

Travel looks very different in 2020 from previous years, and fitness travel is no exception. But due to isolation, quarantines, and extra stress, many people have found themselves putting on weight this year, and wanting to visit a fitness resort or health and wellness spa to shed some extra pounds.

No travel is entirely COVID-proof, but here are four steps to help take the right precautions if you do pursue weight loss travel this year.

Research Before You Go

Laws and regulations around coronavirus prevention vary from state-to-state, and even within different municipalities. Learn the legal details around your destination well in advance, and keep checking as your trip approaches as the situation will invariably change. Your weight loss resort can help you understand their local requirements, so be sure to ask their advice.

Speaking of which, it is very likely that your resort will also have rules of their own. Don’t wait until you have reserved your stay to find out about any restrictions—reach out before you book to fully understand what your experience will be like.

Get There Safely

Your trip won’t be any fun if you get sick on the way there. Be sure to take every appropriate precaution to ensure that your travel is as healthy as it can be:

  • Mask-up in the airport and on the plane (or travel by car if you can)
  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer often
  • Keep antibacterial wipes with you to wipe down surfaces

If you take these steps, and read and follow our post 5 Tips for the Healthy Traveler, you’ll reduce your chances of catching common illnesses from just getting to your destination.

Practice Smart Habits On-Site

Once you reach your fitness resort, it’s even more critical to take smart steps to help avoid illness. Continue your masking, hand-washing, and antibacterial-wiping habits. Masks are especially helpful in situations where you will be near other travelers, such as in a classroom or lecture setting.

Socially distance yourself whenever possible. If you can’t stay more than six feet away from others, it is even more critical that you are wearing a mask. Try to avoid indoor exercise classes whenever possible; outdoor, distanced activities are ideal, if offered by your resort. Hiking, walking, or spaced-out outdoor classes are the safest options in the COVID era.

You may even wish to choose your resort based on what masked and socially distanced options they offer. Browse the FitStays list of every fitness resort and weight loss camp in the United States to collect several options to research.

Be Flexible

At this point in the pandemic, you already know that the only constant is change. No matter how much planning you may do, it’s likely that your plans may change multiple times before your trip date arrives, possibly even right before you plan to leave.

If you’re ready for change, you shouldn’t be as surprised when it happens. Be sure to follow the latest news and health guidelines, along with keeping in fairly regular communication with your chosen resort as your trip approaches. They want you to be successful, and resorts, hotels, and camps are all having to adapt and maintain flexibility as well.

Safe Travels!

Fitness travelers care more about their health than most—that’s why they spend vacation time not relaxing on a beach, but instead working out, eating healthily, and trying to better themselves. Just make sure that in this unprecedented time, you are taking care of all aspects of your health to make the most out of your fitness and weight loss trip.

Safe and happy travels to you!