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What You Need to Do to Be Healthy and Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Everyone wants to be "healthy", but how many of us know what that actually means? Healthiness doesn't mean the

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4 Unique Alternatives to Taking a Traditional Vacation

When most of us think of a stereotypical vacation, we probably picture sitting in a beach chair in a tropical

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6 Fitness-Oriented Hobbies that You Can Start Right Now

More and more people are taking up hobbies that get them outside, raise their heart rate, and promote exercise

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How to Really Commit to a Fitness Resolution and Start Exercising

Did you know that making a commitment to exercise is the #2 most popular new year’s resolution in the United States

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Do I Have to be Overweight to go to a Fitness Resort?

Our website users ask is “Do I need to be overweight to go to a fitness resort?” The answer to this question is a resounding NO.

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The Long-Term FitStay Experience

Have you ever considered staying at a fitness resort for multiple months at a time? There are some things you must consider before planning this life-changing experience.

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