5 Tips for the Healthy Traveler

5 Tips for the Healthy Traveler

It should come as no surprise that wellness is a priority for the health-conscious traveler. While you may not be able to avoid the confines of a packed plane or the bustling crowds at popular tourist attractions, there are a few things that you can do to stay healthy while on vacation.

1. Do Your Research

Chances are, you are already researching and reading reviews while planning your vacation. But pay specific attention to hotel reviews that mention the cleanliness of the rooms. A good hotel will thoroughly clean rooms between guests, provide you with fresh toiletries, and offer specialized bedding for those suffering from asthma and allergies. If reviewers have reported issues in the past, you may want to look into other hotels or resorts.

2. Avoid Germs by Wiping Down Surfaces

Keep some sanitizing wet wipes in your carry-on so you can wipe down shared surfaces on the go. This will especially come in handy for your arm rests, tray tables, and seatbelts, which are some of the dirtiest parts of the airplane. Make sure to pack enough for others if you are traveling with your family.

3. Wash Your Hands More Often

We all know we’re supposed to wash our hands before we eat, after using the bathroom, when we sneeze, etc. Unfortunately, not everyone does. When you’re traveling, you’re coming into contact with surfaces that have been touched by countless other travelers, many of whom may have different standards for hygiene. Just to be safe, wash your hands more frequently than you normally would—and carry some hand sanitizer with you for backup!

4. Stay Hydrated

Water facilitates all of your body’s major functions, especially the immune system. Drinking plenty of water will help flush out the toxins building up in your body, as well as any microbes that make their way into your system during your travels. Staying hydrated will also make it easier for your body to carry white blood cells, which help fight off any infections you might get.

5. Get a Clean Night’s Sleep

One of the most important tips for staying healthy on the road is sleeping on a pillow you can trust. With increased exposure to germs during travel, it’s important you don’t invite those germs into your bed. Traditional pillows provide the perfect hiding place for dust, bacteria, viruses and more to build up over time—putting you at risk. Spry Pure filtered pillows will give you peace of mind, knowing that any germs you encounter along your travel route are blocked from getting into your pillow’s interior. Spry Pure pillows have a built-in Pneumapure filter technology that blocks everything but clean air from entering—allowing you to rest your head on a clean pillow that isn’t housing germs from previous guests.

Plan Ahead

As any well-traveled individual knows, it’s impossible to guarantee you won’t get sick on the road. But with these easy tricks, you can at least reduce your chances of catching the dreaded cold as well as some other, more serious diseases out there.

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