Do I Have to be Overweight to go to a Fitness Resort?

Do I Have to be Overweight to go to a Fitness Resort?

One of the most common questions our website users ask is “Do I need to be overweight to go to a fitness resort?” The answer to this question is a resounding NO. You absolutely do not need to be overweight to go to a fitness resort.

Individualized Fitness Focus

Fitness resorts recognize that their guests come in with a variety of different fitness levels, body types, and abilities. Some have not ran, or even jogged, in years, and are weeks of extensive work away from being to that point, if ever. Others may be regularly running 10Ks. Guests are overweight, underweight, and average weight. From gym-rats to those of us who are gym-avoiding, FitStays are truly for everyone.

In this blog post we’ve detailed what your experience may be like for each of the three main different body-types: overweight, underweight, and average weight.

1. Overweight – Weight Loss and General Physical Fitness Improvement Focus

If you are overweight, a focus of your program is likely to be weight loss and general physical fitness improvement. Fitness and weight loss resorts, camps, and retreats, as detailed in the FitStays directory, include healthy meals as part of the program. These meals are tailored to the calories need for each body-type. If you are seeking to lose weight, you will receive nutritious meals that are calorie-limited. Healthy snacks are also likely to be part of your program, but again, with calorie limitations in mind.

Similarly, those seeking to lose weight are likely to have many cardio-focussed activities. Strength training will still be part of your program, but not to the same degree as those with an average or underweight build. Depending on what resort, retreat, or camp at which you stay, your cardio choices will vary, but common activities include hiking, walking, interval training in the gym, water aerobics, fitness dance classes, and aerobics classes, among others.

If you are looking to lose weight but struggle to exercise regularly, attending a fitness resort can be a great way to kick-start the habit of working out.

2. Underweight – Muscle-Building Focus

For those who are underweight, your FitStay is likely to be focussed on muscle-building. Part of this process will include healthy meals designed to help you gain muscle. You may be served extra-protein for your meals to aid in gaining muscle. The workouts that are part of your program are also likely to include more strength-training than those with an overweight or underweight body-build, and you may also opt for less rigorous cardio sessions, if that is something that you would prefer to assist you in your goal of gaining muscle over your stay.

Some who are underweight still have too high of levels of fat, so your FitStay will still include cardio, but it is balanced with strength training to ensure that the fat you lose is replaced by muscle.

3. Average Weight – Toning and Aerobic Strength Focus

For those with an average body type, you are still likely to receive the calorie-deficit meals, but you can supplement with healthy snacks as needed. Your workouts are likely to have a general focus on improving your physical fitness. Specifically, you are likely to have workouts that focus on building and toning your muscles, and improving your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness. Depending on the specifics of your build, you can work with your FitStays trainers on losing fat, gaining muscle, or improving fitness benchmarks (like your 10k time or amount of push-ups you can do).

A Tip for All Body Types

Regardless of what body-type that you may have, FitStays recommends that you reach out to the trainers at your resort to discuss your fitness goals. They can help you further customize your program to meet your goals, like drastic weight loss, improving the muscle tone in your legs, or preparing for a sprint triathlon.

If you find that you aren’t enjoying certain parts of your program or that it is not suited for your goals, that is another great time to reach out to your trainers to further customize your experience. Everyone’s fitness journey is unique to them individually, but your trainers can help you along the way to make sure that you are getting the most possible out of your FitStay.


You can attend a fitness resort or wellness retreat whatever your body-type may be. If you are overweight, your stay may focus on improving your general physical fitness and losing weight. If you are underweight, your FitStay is likely to focus on building muscle. Finally, if you are average weight, your FitStay is likely to focus on toning and cardiovascular or aerobic strength building.

Fitness resorts can accommodate any body-type, and you can use FitStays directory to learn more about a variety of different fitness resorts, weight loss retreats, fat camps, and luxury wellness spas. Our directory can help you find the perfect FitStay for your individual needs.