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Camp Jump Start is a weight loss camp for youth and teens that offers programs designed by health professionals. It considers itself to be a “whole health camp” for kids, meaning that it addresses and transforms not only the physical health of campers, but also emotional and social health. Camp Jump Start encourages kids to be kids by disconnecting them from electronics and promoting the fun of active playing.

Camp Jump Start offers the following programs for kids ages 9-17:

  • 4-week camps
  • 8-week camps
  • 2-week refresher sessions

4-week Camp

Camp Jump Start believes that it takes 21-28 days to break bad habits and create a foundation for new routines. During the 4-week camps, kids should learn how to make life changes to help them be successful not only at camp but when they get back home.

8-week Camp

Camp Jump Start’s 8-week camps offer total immersion into a new routine.The length of the camp offers a better chance for long-term success. Campers lose the most weight in the 8-week camp when compared to the 4-week camp. Also, while the shorter camp teaches kids how to live a healthy life, the 8-week camp allows more time to build a routine so that the behavior becomes more normal to them.

The 8-week program offers cooking classes and menu planning ideas. The hope is that kids will be able to come home with kid-friendly recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

2-week Refresher Session

The 2-week refresher session is intended to reward previous campers who’ve managed to stay successful. The 2-week camp isn’t necessarily geared toward weight-loss but encourages maintenance of a healthy weight. The refresher session is designed to be a reward for campers who maintain their success.


Campers sleep in air-conditioned cabins with between 8-10 kids of the same age. There are private showers and toilets in the cabins.


Camp Jump Start offers campers meals with a caloric value of between 1,400 to 1,600 calories per day, depending on their age, gender, and needs. There are three meals and two snacks. Meals are offered in the camp’s dining hall. For kids who are still hungry after lunch and dinner, there is an open salad bar. The camp offers normal food that most kids are accustomed to, but that meet healthier standards. Snacks even include things like brownies and root beer floats.

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Camp Jump Start does not have a regimented, strict schedule of activities for kids to abide by. Instead, it creates a schedule based on each child’s interests, to make physical activity fun for them. Boys and girls exercise separately. Examples of activities include:

  • Aerobics
  • Aquatics at the Pool
  • Balance/ Posture/ Core Exercises
  • Cardio Exercise
  • Hiking
  • Instructional Biking
  • Noncompetitive Sports
  • Self Defense
  • Strength Training
  • Waterfront Activities


Besides the aforementioned fitness activities, the following is also included with tuition:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Fun Evening Activities/ Games
  • Health Education
  • Physical and Fitness Assessments
  • Social skills
  • Sunday Electives
  • WIT® Curriculum
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Climbing Wall Challenge
  • First Aid Simulations
  • Wilderness Survival


The Camp Jump Start program is located at Living Well Village near Imperial, Missouri, a complex with 250 acres of land including a private 5-acre lake. Living Well Village is about one-half hour from downtown St. Louis, and most campers flying in will come via the St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

Pricing & 2020 Schedule

Camp Jump Start costs between $1,170 to $1,250 per week, depending on the length of a camper’s stay. Tuition at Camp Jump Start is all-inclusive, meaning all meals, activities, and camp housing is included in the session price. Specific session pricing and the 2020 schedule is as follows:

  • Session 1: June 14 – July 11, 2020 (4 weeks), $4,995
  • Session 2: July 12 – August 8, 2020 (4 weeks), $4,995
  • Session 3: June 14 – August 8, 2020 (8 weeks), $9,355
  • Refresher Sessions: 2 weeks between June 14 – August 8, 2020, $2,500


Camp Jump Start focuses on teaching kids healthy habits and how to have fun by staying active. It considers itself to be the only non-profit camp with a mission to jump start the success of every camper. It is a traditional camp setting with a focus on outdoor activities and making new friends. FitStays visitors looking for a weight loss camp for kids and teens in the midwest with a wide variety of activities may wish to consider Camp Jump Start.

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    cdblasi Submission Aug 06, 2019

    Camp Jump Start is the RIGHT START

    We cannot be more complimentary about the Camp Jump Start program, since even giving a five-star rating does not do the program justice (because so many folks lately who are accustomed to disappointment tend to hand out high ratings for things which merely meet their expectations). It’s hard to find a simple description other than to use the word “transformative”. Attending Camp Jump Start has transformed my son into a new person, who is not only fitter and trimmer but who now exhibits self-confidence and a sense of control over his fitness and nutrition which he never had before. Jean and her staff have every detail covered, from top to bottom, to enable this transformation to occur. Their level of commitment to our child’s success and well-being quite literally has been nothing short of intoxicating to the rest of the family. If your child struggles with weight or poor nutrition, simply put Camp Jump Start is the clear choice and place to go to change his or her life.

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