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Detox Oasis is a diet retreat and fitness boot camp located in rural southern Indiana which offers small group training at a private ranch to help guests achieve a variety of health- and fitness-related goals. Programs at this FitStay range from 6 to 20 days and are designed for specific health-related purposes such as detoxification, weight loss, fitness performance, and reversal of aging.

During their stay, guests follow a daily schedule which involves a variety of fitness activities, nutritional meals and supplements, and optional alternative treatments such as colon cleansing, skin brushing, and sauna sessions. All of these activities and programs are designed to promote healthy lifestyle modifications to help guests to lose weight during and after their stay.


Accommodations for Detox Oasis are in a fully renovated 1890’s farm house with private rooms, private baths, satellite TV and Wi-Fi. When booking, guests have the option to stay in semi-private (standard), queen-sized, or king-sized (additional cost) accommodations. The lounges available for use by all guests are located in a western-style barn and a private log home. These homes are located within a 120-acre private ranch amongst wooded hiking trails, a small fish pond, and private 9-hole par-3 golf course.


Detox Oasis provides a variety of fitness and training activities for its guests. The intensity and involvement of these fitness activities depends on the program in which guests enroll, and are further tailored to the needs, abilities, and preferences of each guest. Some of the optional daily fitness activities at the retreat include:

  • Daily Boot Camp-style Training
  • Two Short Hikes a Day (~1 hour)
  • Weekly Long Hike (~4.5 hours)
  • Kick-Boxing/Self-Defense
  • Personal Weight Training
  • Outdoor Activities (canoeing, kayaking, skiing, etc.)
  • TRX Boot Camp
  • Pole Fitness
  • Yoga


Detox Oasis aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its guests through lifestyle modifications which include the consumption of organic whole-foods, alternative healing foods, and nutritional supplements. In the Detox Retreat program, guests participate in an herbal juicing cleanse and juice fasting. These juices include ingredients such as Spirulina, herbs, probiotics, Psyllium, Bentonite, wheatgrass, colloidal Silver, ocean minerals, and an abundance of freshly-juiced vegetables. In place of meals, guests on the Detox Retreat program consume a nutrient-dense soup.

For those on the other fitness and weight-loss programs, meals are served three times daily at 9:00am, 1:30pm, and 6:00pm, and include entrees made from organic or raw ingredients. The nutrition of each meal varies per individual and is calculated based on the age, weight, health conditions, activity level, and body fat of each guest.


Depending on the program in which they are enrolled, guests have the option of having their weight loss monitored by a medical professional. Detox Oasis’ Medically Supervised Weight Loss Fitness program is a collaboration between their retreat and the Andry Medical Services of Bloomington, Indiana, in which guests are referred to a physician for health monitoring.

Guests can also participate in optional activities and treatments to complement their cleanse and weight loss efforts. These include such treatments as colon cleansing, Aqua Chi Detox, oxygen therapy, sauna sessions, skin brushing, and more.


Detox Oasis is located in rural southern Indiana, 9 miles West of French Lick and about 100 miles (~2.5 hours) south of Indianapolis. The area is well-known for its healing mineral water springs, and guests can enjoy canoeing, rafting, mini golf, and laser tag at venues nearby.

Detox Oasis provides transportation information for guests arriving from Indianapolis International Airport (IND) and Louisville International Airport (SDF). From IND, guests can take a shuttle from the airport ($16-20 one way) to Bloomington, Indiana, from where a driver from Detox Oasis can drive them to the retreat ($50 one way). From SDF, a driver from Detox Oasis can shuttle guests directly to and from the retreat ($75 each way).

2023 Pricing

Detox Oasis is priced starting at $1,600 for the six day program, with prices increasing based on program specifics and length-of-stay.

The different programs at Detox Oasis are divided into 6-, 10-, 13-, and 20- day programs. Each stay length is further divided into three price tiers based on accommodation preferences, with semi-private accommodations being the cheapest and private king-sized accommodations being the most expensive. The starting prices for each of the programs and stay lengths are as follows:

  • Detox Retreat: $1600, $2480, $3120, $4267 (6-, 10-, 13-, 20-day)
  • Jump Start Fitness Retreat: $1800, $2790, $3510, $4800
  • Peak Performance Fitness Boot Camp: $1800, $2790, $3510, $4800

Pricing is all-inclusive for accommodations, meals, and the weight loss program.


Those looking for an affordable private diet retreat with a small group of like-minded individuals may want to consider Detox Oasis. Through their programs, which range from 6 to 20 days in length, guests have the opportunity to achieve a variety of health and fitness goals including detoxification, weight-loss, increased fitness performance, and aging reversal. Diet retreat programs include juice fasting and raw, organic meals, so guests wishing for detox retreat options should check out the programs offered by Detox Oasis.

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