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What is a Fitness Resort?

A fitness resort is a vacation destination where travelers go to exercise and lose weight. Sometimes called a “weight loss resort”, “fitness retreat”, “wellness resort”, “weight loss boot camp”, or “adult fat camp”, fitness resorts around the United States cater to people of all shapes and sizes.

Most fitness resorts consist of pre-determined, calorie-limited menus to help travelers in their weight loss journey. Some resorts promote menus of 1,000 to 1,500 calories-per-day, which is fewer than most people burn naturally via their resting metabolic rate (RMR).

In addition to net-negative calories through nutrition, fitness resorts and fitness retreats typically have an extensive workout plan as part of their standard program. Many resorts and retreats offer daily hiking, in addition to cardio and strength classes and assorted sports and other physical activities.

The combination of healthy nutrition and active exercise means that most visitors can expect to lose weight at a fitness resort. Specific weight loss goals will be determined by which fitness resort you pick, how long you stay, and how strenuously you want to stick to the program.

Fitness Resort FAQ

Do people really go to fitness resorts?

Yes! Thousands of people go to fitness resorts and fitness retreats every year. People may choose to visit a fitness resort because they are looking for a healthy alternative to a “normal vacation”, or they may want to kick-start their health journey in a controlled environment.

Do fitness resorts work?

For many people, fitness resorts do work! By combining a limited-calorie diet with daily exercise, most people will have net-negative calories every day at a fitness resort—provided they stick to the program.

How much weight will I lose at a fitness resort?

Some people report losing 1-3 pounds-per-week at a fitness resort. Exactly how much you will lose will be dependent on a wide variety of factors, including the weight you start at and how intense your chosen fitness resort program is. Men tend to lose weight more easily than women, and younger people typically have an easier time shedding pounds than older people. In general, if you approach your fitness resort visit as a part of a healthy lifestyle, rather than an absolute weight loss goal, you are more likely to be successful long-term.

What is the typical day at a fitness resort?

Most fitness resorts offer a set schedule and a camp-like experience for adults. You are likely to still have three meals every day, usually prepared by expert nutrition staff and/or dietitians, designed around healthy foods. Your morning may have extended cardio exercises, such as a run or hike. The afternoon may have more intense exercise classes such as strength classes, or more fun activities such as sports and games. Many FitStays offer educational classes throughout the day, so you can take the lessons from your fitness resort experience home with you. Finally, most fitness resorts have a lighter schedule in the evenings, to allow for leisure, rest, or spa services, which are also offered at many resorts.

How much do I eat at a fitness resort?

Unlike some diet retreats, don’t expect to starve at a fitness resort. Because you will be working out most of the day, you will need calories to fuel your body. So even though meals are typically calorie-limited, you shouldn’t feel overly hungry at a fitness resort.

How much do I exercise at a fitness resort?

Many fitness resorts and fitness retreats offer 3-6 hours of exercise classes per day. These hours may include less-structured exercise, such as jogging or hiking, or more-structured classes such as cardio or strength classes in a gym, or sports or activities such as swimming or Zumba. Plan on giving it your all at a fitness resort.

Will I get along with people at a fitness resort?

Yes, we think you will make friends among your fellow fitness resort travelers. Remember, when you visit a fitness resort you are with a group of like-minded people that are traveling for the same healthy reasons as you.

What’s the difference between a fitness resort and a fitness retreat?

A fitness resort and fitness retreat are the same thing: vacation destinations designed around eating healthy, exercising, and losing weight.

What’s the difference between a fitness resort and an adult fat camp?

Adult fat camps and fitness resorts are basically identical. Resorts have moved away from the term “fat camp” because it focuses too much on the negative. When you focus on fitness and health, it’s a more positive outlook and better mindset.

Do I have to be overweight to go to a fitness resort?

No, people of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a fitness resort! Check out our blog post on this subject.

How long should I stay at a fitness resort?

Most fitness resorts have programs that run in one-week increments, so travelers will be advised to stay at least one week at a time. We recommend 2-3 weeks for your first visit to a fitness resort, to get fully immersed in the program.

How much do fitness resorts cost?

Fitness resorts come in a wide range of costs. Some programs cost as little as $1,500 per week (all-inclusive), while some are more than $7,000 per week. Review the fitness resorts on this page and find out which ones best fit your budgets and your goals. Remember, most fitness resorts are all-inclusive, meaning that you won’t need to budget any extra for food; meals will be included in the program.

19 Best Fitness Resorts for 2023

FitStays reviews the best fitness resorts in the United States. Check out the 19 best fitness resorts, updated August 2023, as reviewed and ranked by real fitness travelers.

1. Structure House

Rated 5.0 stars

(15 reviews)

Structure House is a residential weight loss center in Durham, North Carolina. This all-inclusive health resort promotes physical, nutritional, and behavioral principles for helping guests achieve their wellness goals. Packages at Structure House can be purchased for weekly, monthly, or longer stays.

Structure House

Structure House offers one-bedroom and two-bedroom luxury living accommodations, where spouses, family members, friends, and pets are invited to join guests for their stay. In addition to lodging, Structure House’s all-inclusive price also includes all meals, plus cooking and nutritional instruction.

A strong fitness focus at Structure House is promoted by a variety of cardio, strength, and exercise classes, including water fitness, circuit strength training, yoga, Zumba, guided trail walks, and more.

Travelers focused on fitness and weight loss who may be seeking a longer-term residential option should read further about the options provided by Structure House.

Read more about Structure House pricing and details on FitStays.

2. Skyterra Wellness Retreat

Rated 5.0 stars

(4 reviews)

Skyterra Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive fitness resort and wellness retreat designed to help guests lose weight, gain muscle, and feel-better. Located in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, Skyterra offers year-round packages in their lodge-style accommodations which include all meals, fitness classes, activities, and education.

Skyterra Wellness Retreat

Skyterra Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive fitness resort primarily focused on weight loss, whole foods, outdoor activities, and long-term wellness results. The philosophy of this FitStay focuses on transformation of body and perception of food. It is a good choice for people seeking an all-inclusive program with personalized services, nutritionally based menus, many outdoor fitness options, and follow up resources.

Read more about Skyterra Wellness Retreat pricing and reviews on FitStays.

3. Live In Fitness

Rated 5.0 stars

(4 reviews)

Originally located in Long Beach, California, Live In Fitness has temporarily moved to a new location in Scottsdale, Arizona. Live In Fitness is an all-inclusive fat camp that promotes weight loss results rather than spa services.

Live In Fitness

The program at Live In Fitness provides 5-7 hours per day of coaching and fitness classes each day, daily customized meals, and lectures around promoting a healthy lifestyle. Fitness classes include running, hiking, boxing, yoga, and more. In their new Arizona location, Live In Fitness classes are offered at an open-air hangar.

FitStays visitors who are looking for an Arizona weight loss camp that are looking for program intensity over spa services may wish to consider Live In Fitness.

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4. Weight Crafters

Rated 5.0 stars

(3 reviews)

Weight Crafters is a popular weight loss camp located in the Tampa-St. Petersburg Florida area. The all-inclusive retreat program is focused on helping guests relieve stress, maximize wellness, lose weight, and improve their physical fitness

Weight Crafters

Guests of Weight Crafters can stay at the program’s primary accommodation, the Courtyard by Marriott St. Petersburg Clearwater/Madeira Beach, or may choose to find their own accommodations at other nearby hotels.

The Weight Crafters fitness program includes activities such as spinning, kickboxing, kayaking, TRX, water aerobics, beach fitness, and more. Nutrition-wise, guests will enjoy three healthy meals, an optional protein shake, a healthy snack, and plenty of hydration. All activities and meals are included in Weight Crafters’ all-inclusive price.

Weight Crafters may be a strong choice for guests looking for a top weight loss camp in a beach setting, or those interested in a fitness-focus with small class sizes.

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5. Tennessee Fitness Spa

No ratings

(2 reviews)

Tennessee Fitness Spa is an all-inclusive fitness retreat promoting weight loss, exercise, and nutrition. Billed as “a summer camp for adults”, Tennessee Fitness Spa’s program is located in Waynesboro, TN, and runs most months out of the year (taking a brief winter break).

Accommodations at Tennessee Fitness Spa can include single, double, or shared rooms, as well as an attached RV park. The program can serve up to 58 adults at one time.

Tennessee Fitness Spa

Guests of Tennessee Fitness Spa can expect 6 to 8 hours of exercise and other classes throughout the day. Fitness options include challenges ranging from walking and stretching all the way up to weight training, cardio, and water aerobics. These fitness options (and more) take place in the campus’s facilities as well as nearby hiking trails and gardens.

Nutrition at this all-inclusive program includes standard, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meal options, all low-calorie and nutrient-dense to encourage weight loss.

Tennessee Fitness Spa may be a good choice to consider for travelers looking for a fitness-intensive program, or those seeking a FitStay in the mountains of Tennessee.

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6. Pocono Trails Adult Fitness Camps

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Pocono Trails offers fitness camps for young adults, moms, and families. Their young adult camp is designed for men and women ages 18 to 25, while the mom and family camps are open to those respective groups each summer. All camps take place at the Pocono Trails location in Reeders, Pennsylvania, along with their standard Camp Pocono Trails weight loss camp and Internet Habit Reversal Camp for kids and teens.

Pocono Trails Mom & Family Camp

Pocono Trails Young Adult Program is a 2-7 week FitStay for men and women ages 18 to 25 in Pennsylvania. A combination of exercise activities, nutrition, and support will help campers lose weight in a supportive environment. Young adults wishing to get healthy with others their age will want to consider Pocono Trails Young Adult Program.

The Moms & Family Camp at Pocono Trails is geared toward moms and families, and kids can combine this program with the kids camp at CPT. The Moms & Family Camp is a 7-day or 11-day program that should be considered for mothers or families wishing to experience the Pocono Trails wellness program to get healthy and lose weight.

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7. Rancho Cortez

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Rancho Cortez is an all-inclusive residential weight loss program located in Bandera, Texas. Calling itself a “cowboy fitness ranch”, because in addition to a weight loss fitness program, it also serves as a fully functioning Texas dude ranch. Visitors will enjoy exercise, healthy meals, and lots of outdoor time at Rancho Cortez’s unique program.

Rancho Cortez

Rancho Cortez offers a unique fitness experience close to the great outdoors. This FitStay is recommended for those who want more than gym workouts and don’t mind getting their hands dirty. Guests who have a longing to get back to nature and back to the land will be especially appreciative.

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8. Hippocrates Health Institute

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

The Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy is located at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. At this wellness resort, there is a heavy emphasis on diet and nutrition. Fitness may be a secondary focus, but you will still expect to exercise 4 hours every day, with a mix of strength and cardio classes.

Hippocrates Health Institute

Hippocrates Health Institute offers 4 different options for accommodations, ranging from private townhomes to shared spaces. Guests of Hippocrates will enjoy group fitness classes (including strength, cardio, and yoga/stretch) as well as private training sessions.

The all-inclusive price at the Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy includes two buffet-style meals per day, as well as their signature juices. The program also provides numerous lectures and cooking classes as well.

Guests looking for a 3-week, nutrition-focused FitStay should consider the options offered by Hippocrates Health Institute.

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9. Pritikin Health Resort

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Pritikin Health Resort is an all-inclusive weight loss resort and adult fitness camp located in Miami, Florida. Pritikin offers healthy meals and fitness classes, in addition to education and training on nutrition, exercise and the mind-body connection.

Pritikin Health Resort

Pritikin Health Resort is an all-inclusive health and longevity center that provides a wide variety of services to its guests. If you are looking for a luxury fitness resort and are comfortable with the price, Pritikin may be the choice for you.

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10. Biggest Loser Resort

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

The Biggest Loser Resort is a fitness resort in Java Center, NY. While the resort is named after the popular reality TV competition, the program itself is designed around healthy weight loss, rather than dramatic, short-term results.

The Biggest Loser Resort places a major emphasis on exercise and calorie-controlled meals, with programs designed to accommodate multiple fitness levels.

Biggest Loser Resort

Resort accommodations are located along three lakes in upstate New York, and include numerous hiking trails. Guests of the resort stay on-campus at standard room or villas, though the program is also offered to guests preferring to stay at nearby hotels.

The Biggest Loser Resort may be the right choice for fans of the TV show, or those looking for an exercise-focused FitStay in the Pines of New York State.

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11. Unite Fitness Retreat

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Unite Fitness Retreat is a weight-loss camp in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their all-inclusive program lasts for one week and consists of customized indoor and outdoor exercises built around fitness and weight loss.

Unite Fitness Retreat

The program at Unite Fitness Retreat takes place in downtown Salt Lake City. Retreat accommodations are at the Hyatt House Hotel, which boasts a private dining room for program guests, and most indoor fitness classes are housed nearby at The Gym at City Creek. Program meals are nutritious and health-focused, and Unite also offers optional cooking classes and restaurant excursions designed around healthy choices.

In addition to meals and fitness, Unite also offers extras as part of their all-inclusive package at no additional charge, including massage, stress management classes, and life coaching.

Unite Fitness Retreat may be a good choice for travelers seeking a weight loss program in a more urban environment.

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12. Walkabout Ridge

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Walkabout Ridge is small wellness retreat and bed & breakfast in Evergreen, Colorado. This FitStay has a maximum of only 8 guests at a time, allowing for personal attention with retreat staff. The program is designed to help guests get in-shape and stay in-shape.

Walkabout Ridge

The Walkabout Ridge program has a strong focus on outdoor activities. Hiking the many trails of Colorado are a major focus of the fitness at Walkabout Ridge, as well as yoga, and swimming or snowshoeing depending on the season.

Beyond fitness, Walkabout Ridge emphasizes healthy eating during guests’ stay, including three nutritious meals daily and food preparation training.

The Walkabout Ridge wellness retreat is open to all travelers, but promotes that they are particularly well-suited for couples and mother/daughter pairs. Travelers in one of those groups, or those looking for an intimate, hiking-focused retreat, may want to consider Walkabout Ridge.

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13. Movara Fitness Resort

Rated 5.0 stars

(1 review)

Located in Ivins, Utah, Movara Fitness Resort is weight loss resort designed around hiking, exercise, nutrition, and education. The all-inclusive Movara program lasts one week, and is designed to help guests lose weight and learn healthy habits to take home.

Movara Fitness Resort

Movara’s fitness program begins with a daily hike in the nearby Snow Canyon State Park, and will continue with multiple cardio, strength, and stretching classes each day. The nutrition plan at Movara includes three calorie-limited meals per day plus healthy snacks, all designed to contribute to guests’ weight loss.

The fitness and nutrition program is supplemented by multiple lectures around breaking bad habits and learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Travelers looking for a fitness resort with hiking, exercise, and a weight-loss focus in a mountainous setting may wish to consider Movara.

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14. Hilton Head Health

Rated 4.0 stars

(4 reviews)

Hilton Head Health is an all-inclusive weight loss resort and spa located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. H3, as it’s called, promotes a structured schedule of meals, exercise classes, and lectures designed around health and nutrition. Expect calorie-limited meals at H3, and lots of fitness activities throughout your stay at this wellness retreat & weight loss resort and spa.

Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head Health offers customized options at an upscale price. If you are looking for a high-end fitness resort on the east coast, H3 is one to consider.

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15. Vita Vie Retreat

No ratings

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Vita Vie is a boutique fitness retreat in Delray Beach, Florida. The retreat offers packages ranging from 3 to 6 days, and is designed for men and women at all levels of fitness. Vita Vie Retreat takes place at the Seagate Hotel & Spa, a luxury resort in Delray Beach.

Vita Vie Retreat

Vita Vie Retreat’s fitness classes take place at outdoor beaches, at local parks, and at an indoor studio or outdoor patio. These classes include yoga, beach boot camp, and more. The fitness program is designed for guests to lose weight, to feel healthy, and to kick-start their wellness goals.

The all-inclusive price for the Vita Vie Retreat includes three meals per day at the Seagate Hotel restaurants (with custom, healthy menus) in addition to limited spa access. Guests may also visit the hotel’s private beach, with its own set of activities.

Travelers looking for a wellness retreat with a fitness and relaxation focused in a luxury setting may want to continue reading about Vita Vie Retreat.

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16. Premier Fitness Camp

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Premier Fitness Camp (PFC) is a weight loss camp in Carlsbad, California, just outside San Diego. Guests of Premier Fitness Camp will take part in a full day of nutrition courses, meals, snacks, and physical activity throughout their one-week to four-week stay.

Premier Fitness Camp

Premier Fitness Camp is housed at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, where many of the activities take place. Fitness includes indoor and outdoor classes, including weight training, hiking, bike riding, outdoor yoga, and more.

Meals at PFC come from calorie-controlled menus at the six restaurants on-premises at the resort. Note that the program price is not all-inclusive, and meals and other amenities may cost extra.

Premier Fitness Camp may be a good choice for travelers looking for a resort and spa experience for their weight loss journey, who are okay not attending an all-inclusive program.

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17. LifeStyle Fitness Camp

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LifeStyle Fitness Camp is a personalized adult weight loss camp in Saint George, Utah. LifeStyle boasts that their program serves a maximum of six guests at a time, running through a program lasting a minimum of one week.

LifeStyle Fitness Camp

The fitness program at LifeStyle Fitness Camp includes hiking, boot camp and pool classes, yoga, pilates, barre, spinning, and an optional golfing add-on. Guests of LifeStyle will shop for and prepare their own food, in order to learn healthy nutrition habits they can take back home.

For travelers seeking a small, personalized camp with hands-on cooking and a fitness focus, you may wish to read on about the LifeStyle Fitness Camp details.

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18. Fit Farm

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Located near Nashville in Castalian Springs, TN, Fit Farm is an adult fitness and wellness retreat. Fit Farm’s large campus promotes stays of four days up to six weeks (and beyond), where guests of any level will experience fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

Fit Farm

Guests of Fit Farm will stay in on-site cabins, and work out in one of 12 different “fitness zones” on-campus. The program offers classes such as boxing, tabata, TRX, and more. Healthy meals are prepared as part of the program, with ingredients coming from the on-site Fit Farm Garden and from other nearby Tennessee farms and suppliers.

Guests looking for a fitness and weight loss program with a wide variety of activities and options in the Tennessee area may wish to consider the offerings of Fit Farm. 

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19. The Ranch Malibu

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The Ranch Malibu is a luxury fitness and wellness retreat located in Malibu, California. Guests of The Ranch will experience their 7-day fitness and nutrition program promoted as a “no options” philosophy—that is, a very specific program designed for very specific results.

The Ranch Malibu

Accommodations at The Ranch include 21 private cottages, with no cell service and limited wi-fi to encourage guests to disconnect and focus entirely on their own wellness.

The Ranch Malibu’s fitness program consists of 8 hours of daily low-impact cardio, highlighted by a daily 4-hour mountain hike. The Ranch promotes that guests will have hiked 60 miles by the end of their one-week stay.

Guests will get three meals daily as part of the all inclusive Ranch program, totaling 1,400 daily calories to help promote weight loss. All meals are vegetarian, and may be grown locally on-site or brought in from nearby farms.

The Ranch is one of the more expensive FitStays on this site, but past guests of the program speak highly of it despite the price. Travelers seeking a luxury, hiking intensive weight loss program may want to consider The Ranch Malibu.

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