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What is a Diet Retreat?

A diet retreat is a spa or resort that offers reduced-calorie meals designed for weight loss or detoxification. Diet retreats and diet resorts offer guests a way to get healthy through specialized nutrition or fasting in a controlled environment. Some retreats are offered year-round, but many have set limited schedules throughout the year. These retreats may be just a few days, or as long as several weeks. FitStays can help you compare every diet retreat in the United States to find out which option is right for you. Most weight loss diet retreats are all-inclusive, meaning that all meals, lodging, and activities are included in the program price. Some extras such as spa treatments may be added cost, but you may need to review each retreat’s details to see which aspects fall into the all-inclusive weight loss program. Unlike other weight loss retreats, most diet retreats offer only limited exercise options. Some diet retreats may offer stretch or yoga classes, while others have walking paths or light hiking trails nearby. If you’re looking for a more active weight loss retreats, explore fitness retreats and resorts at FitStays.

Types of Diet Retreats

There are many different types of diet retreats, catering to the differing needs of their guests. Find out which specialty fits best for your lifestyle.
  • Diet Retreats – These are the standard retreats offering calorie-limited meals for weight loss. Retreats may have fewer than three meals per day, or other alternative meal schedules.
  • Detox Retreats – Many retreats in this list could be considered “detox retreats” while still offering a vegetarian, vegan, raw food, or fasting program. What makes a detox retreat is the guiding principle that rather than focusing on weight loss, the retreat will clean the body of toxins and improve overall health.
  • Vegetarian Retreats – Vegetarian retreats are similar to standard diet retreats, however their limited menus exclude meat and meat products. Guests at vegetarian retreats do not necessarily need to be vegetarian themselves; the nutrition can be healthy for everyone.
  • Vegan Retreats – Like vegetarian retreats, vegan retreats have a restrictive menu, but with vegan-only meals. Guests who live a vegan lifestyle outside of the retreat will find the meals comfortable to their tastes, but even non-vegan guests can enjoy the menu.
  • Keto Retreats – Ketogenic retreats follow a diet consisting of high fat, adequate protein, and low carbohydrates. The keto diet is designed to force the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. You may wish to explore a keto diet prior to attending a keto retreat.
  • Raw Food Retreats – These retreats provide vegetarian or vegan meals, specifically focused on uncooked foods. Raw food retreats encourage guests to get “back to basics” of simple meals for weight loss.
  • Juice Fasting Retreats – More intense than diet-specialized retreat, a juice fasting retreat replaces meals with fruit and vegetable juices. Juicing retreats typically make their own juices fresh on-location.
  • Water Fasting Retreats – The most extreme change in diet is giving up all food and drinks, and intaking only water (or water and tea) for a set period of time. When you are ready to break the fast, retreats typically reintroduce juices and solid foods to guests at a reasonable pace.

10 Best Diet & Detox Retreats in 2023

Whether you are looking for weight loss, detoxification, or just a nutritional push, FitStays has the information you need. Compare reviews and pricing of every diet retreat in the United States, and find out which retreat is right for you.

1. Deer Lake Lodge

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Deer Lake Lodge is a detox retreat and health spa in Montgomery, Texas. This retreat focuses on detoxification, juicing, and fasting for holistic cleansing and weight loss through a self-directed program.

Deer Lake Lodge

Unlike many diet retreats, the resort of Deer Lake Lodge operates year-round, through single-day or all-inclusive overnight programs. The program focuses on fasting and raw food nutrition combined with colonic treatments from a certified physician. Deer Lake does offer yoga classes, and coaching from Life Enhancement Consultants to complement the holistic diet and detoxification program.

Guests who are looking for a self-directed detox and juice fasting retreat may wish to consider Deer Lake Lodge.

Read more about Deer Lake Lodge pricing and details on FitStays.

2. Sedona Wellness Retreat

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Sedona Wellness Retreat is a year-round diet retreat in Sedona, AZ hosted at a bed and breakfast called The Lodge at Arizona. This retreat uses diet, detox, and fasting techniques to help clients lose weight during their stay.

Sedona Wellness Retreat

The Sedona Wellness Retreat programs are offered from two- to twelve-weeks, depending on guests’ medical and weight loss needs. One program focuses on organic vegetarian nutrition and juicing, while their water fasting program provides guests exclusively with water and tea during the fasting period, followed by a recovery period re-feeding through juices. In addition to the weight loss programs, the retreat also offers yoga, massage therapy, and naturopathic and nutritional health and wellness remedies.

Sedona Wellness Retreat us unique for its multiple detox, diet, juicing, and fasting options. Visitors looking for a diet, detox, and fasting program of two- to twelve-weeks may wish to review the retreat offerings at the Sedona Wellness Retreat.

Read more about Sedona Wellness Retreat pricing and details on FitStays.

3. We Care Spa

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We Care Spa  is an all-inclusive diet and detox retreat located in Desert Hot Springs, California, and operates year-round. This retreat focuses on detoxification, fasting, colonics, mindfulness, and total body wellness.

We Care Spa

Retreat offerings last for either two, five, or seven nights, where guests will adhere to a liquid diet augmented with supplements and colonic cleanses. The program also offers optional services such as yoga classes, spa services, meditation, and new age healing practices for guests who may be into that sort of thing.

Visitors looking for a liquid-diet weight loss retreat focused on digestive cleansing, detoxification, and spiritual healing may wish to consider the California retreat at We Care Spa.

Read more about We Care Spa pricing and details on FitStays.

4. Balance for Life Florida

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Balance for Life Florida is a plant-based diet retreat located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, also known as “Balance Your Life Retreat”. The all-inclusive retreat offers weight loss programs, as well as vegan meals, juice cleanses, and one of only two water-only fasting programs in the United States.

Balance For Life Florida

The Balance for Life retreat program lasts three, five, or seven days, and includes meals and accommodations plus bonus spa credits. Balance for Life is housed at the The Wyndham Beach Resort at Deerfield Beach, meaning guests will have luxury hotel accommodations while participating in the program.

FitStays visitors looking for vegan retreat, juicing retreat, or water fasting retreat in Florida may wish to read more about the offerings at Balance For Life.

Read more about Balance for Life Florida pricing and details on FitStays.

5. COR Retreat

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COR Retreat is an all-inclusive diet retreat in Wayzata, Minnesota. The weight loss retreat program lasts five days, and utilizes methods adapted from Alcoholics Anonymous to help guests recover from food addiction.

COR Retreat

The nutrition at COR Retreat is focused around low-calorie healthy meals, and is combined with walks, lectures, and meditation for guests to be successful at losing weight and changing their relationship with food. COR Retreat is located at the McIver Center for Spiritual Development in Minnesota’s Big Woods Preserve.

Note that the diet retreat program at COR Retreat is only offered at certain times of year, so view the retreat schedule to check your travel dates.

Guests looking for a food addiction program with a heavy focus on nutritional education and workshops may wish to consider COR Retreat.

Read more about COR Retreat pricing and details on FitStays.

6. Serenity Cove

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Serenity Cove is a diet retreat at a B&B near Greeneville, TN. The program is both customizable and personalized, as the retreat only allows a maximum of six guests at a time. This means that every guest has an intimate setting for their wellness goals.

Serenity Cove

Nutrition at Serenity Cove focuses on living foods and raw foods. This includes lots of vegetables, smoothies, and teas. The program also offers optional body cleansing and detoxification treatments, for guests looking for a holistic weight loss experience.

Visitors seeking a small and personalized raw food diet retreat may wish to consider Serenity Cove in Tennessee.

Read more about Serenity Cove pricing and details on FitStays.

7. Sanivan Holistic Retreat

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Sanivan Holistic Retreat & Spa is a bed-and-breakfast-type diet retreat located in Hurleyville, New York. The program offers a detoxing cleanse along with a plant-based organic diet.

Sanivan Holistic Retreat

In addition to the detox and plant-based diet weight loss program, Sanivan also offers swimming, hiking, and exercise. Located in the Catskill Mountains of New York, the nearby mountains and waterfalls help guests become one with nature.

Sanivan’s accommodations allow a maximum of six guests at a time, meaning all participants will have a relaxing and uncrowded stay. Sanivan Holistic Retreat may be a good choice to consider for those seeking a quiet and laid back detox and diet retreat experience.

Read more about Sanivan Holistic Retreat pricing and details on FitStays.

8. Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

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The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is a faith-based dieting retreat near Canton, Georgia focused around healthy eating and spiritual nourishment. This retreat encourages guests to improve physically, mentally, and spiritually through their nutrition and education program.

Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

Guests of the Hallelujah Diet Retreat will stay in either shared or private accommodations on the retreat center campus. In addition to nutritional education and healthy, simple meals, guests can also take part in a variety of additional detoxifying and immune-system-supporting therapies.

The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat may be a good choice for travelers considering a spiritual focus as part of their diet and detoxification retreat experience.

Read more about Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat pricing and details on FitStays.

9. HCG Retreat

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HCG Retreat is an all-inclusive detox and fasting retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii. The retreat focuses on organic foods and supplements to boost metabolism and assist weight loss.

HCG Retreat

The program at HCG focuses on mental, physical, and emotional aspects of health and weight loss. The retreat is located at a small bed and breakfast resort, and offers raw food meals, nutrition classes, and optional juice fasting plans. Guests are able to schedule their retreat at any time year-round.

Those looking for an organic and juicing retreat in Hawaii may consider HCG Retreat and their detox retreat offerings.

Read more about HCG Retreat pricing and details on FitStays.

10. Detox Oasis

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Detox Oasis is a “retreat ranch” in southern Indiana offering diet, detoxification, juicing, and fitness. Their specialized programs are designed for weight loss, cleansing, or fitness performance.

Detox Oasis Default

The programs at Detox Oasis range from yoga and boot camp-style fitness to their signature detoxification programs, which includes nutritional meals and supplements. Detox programs include both a juice fasting retreat, as well as a diet retreat consisting of raw and organic foods.

Programs range from 6 to 20 days, depending on the guest’s overall goal. Guests will work in small groups for additional support and encouragement. Additional program options include colon cleansing, skin brushing, and sauna time.

Detox Oasis is one of the lower cost detox retreats in the nation. Visitors seeking an affordable, all-inclusive diet retreat with options for juicing or raw foods may consider the program options at Detox Oasis in southern Indiana.

Read more about Detox Oasis pricing and details on FitStays.

Picking a Diet Retreat

Not every retreat is right for everyone. Review a few of your favorites on this page, and ask yourself some questions to help determine the ideal retreat:
  • What nutritional restrictions do I require?
  • Is my goal detoxification or weight loss?
  • Does the retreat operate year-round or with limited dates?
Read retreat reviews on FitStays, and check out our blog for more advice on fitness, health, weight loss, and travel.

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