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Detox Fit Farm is a boot camp-style fitness retreat located in rural southern Indiana, formerly known as Fit Body Retreat. Guests at this retreat can choose from a variety of fitness activities and nutritional programs designed to increase fitness levels and support moderate to aggressive weight-loss.

These programs are tailored to the needs, abilities, and preferences of each guest, and are designed to push guests to their limits and expand their capacity for achieving a higher level of health and fitness.

As stated on their website, guests should not expect to have the most extravagant accommodations at this retreat. Instead, these programs are designed to help keep guests outdoors, moving, and focused on their weight-loss throughout their stay.

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Detox Fit Farm offers both private rooms and shared rooms (at reduced price) for its guests to choose from. They are open in claiming that their accommodations “won’t meet 5-star luxury hotel or spa accommodations” and that they lack many of the amenities found in more luxurious FitStays. However, they mention that they make up for their lack of amenities by their greater attention to guests and focus on keeping everyone up, outdoors, and moving during their stay.

Accommodations include personal long-distance phones, Wi-Fi, and satellite TV’s in the private rooms and lounges. Private rooms include either a queen- or king-sized bed with master bathroom and whirlpool tub. Outside of their rooms guests have full access to common areas which include a kitchen, living area, sauna, gym, etc. There are also maid services for guests’ rooms once a week.


Detox Fit Farm tailors each fitness program to the abilities, needs, and preferences of its guests. They mention that these programs can be very intense and aggressive while guests are at the camp, and that they provide a take-home program for guests to follow after they depart.

A typical daily schedule at this retreat includes a morning hike, group abs class, group weight training class, personal training session, yoga, afternoon hike, and an optional evening colon cleansing. There is also an optional longer 12-mile weekly hike for those who choose to do so. A full list of their fitness activities includes:

  • Hiking
  • Abs Class
  • Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Boot Camp-style Training
  • TRX Training
  • Weight Training
  • Pole Fitness Session


DFF retreat offers a variety of different nutritional meal plans to suit guests’ health goals. These plans range from modest weight-loss meal plans to an aggressive weight-loss cleansing and fasting.

The “Body Fitness Peak Performance” program provides guests with three organic meals and three snacks daily, designed to help guests lose half a pound to one pound per day. The “Medically Supervised Weight-Loss Program” is similar to the Body Fitness Peak Performance program but also includes stimulants and vitamins, with referrals to a private medical practice for continuous health monitoring.

The “Aggressive Weight-Loss Cleanse and Fast” program provides guest with a variety of juices and soups, designed to help guests lose two or more pounds per day. Finally, their “Ageless Medicine Weight-Loss” program is similar to their medically supervised program but also includes Hormone Replacement Therapy after consultation and examination by a doctor.


In addition to their fitness and food programs, Fit Body Retreat offers a few optional extra treatments and therapies for its guests. Guests may choose to have a massage or Reiki touch therapy session following their daily fitness regimen. Moreover, guests have the option to conduct a colon cleansing at the end of each day.


Detox Fit Farm is located on Elk Ridge Ranch in rural southern Indiana, about 9 miles west of French Lick and 100 miles south (~2.5 hours) south of Indianapolis. The area is well-known for its healing mineral water springs and guests can enjoy canoeing, rafting, mini golf, and laser tag at venues nearby.

Detox Fit Farm provides driving directions to the ranch on their website. There is a shuttle service to/from Louisville Airport for $100 each way (79 miles), to/from Indianapolis Airport also $100 each way (110 miles), and to/from Bloomington, Indiana, $50 each way.


Detox Fit Farm offers both private and shared accommodations, with programs ranging from a single weekend to three weeks. They also provide the option to add additional weeks to guests’ stay for a flat fee.

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Those looking for a fitness-focused, boot camp-style fitness retreat with minimal distractions may want to consider Detox Fit Farm. Their programs, designed to help guests achieve increased fitness levels and moderate to aggressive weight-loss, are tailored to each individual and are designed to push guests to stretch their physical and mental capacities. However, those looking for a luxury health spa or retreat might want to consider other FitStays.

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