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Camp New Heights (CNH) is a weight loss camp for kids and teens that aims to help guests become their optimal selves. The model at CNH is to keep reaching for “new heights.” That means campers will be pushed to reach better versions of themselves physically and mentally. Although there are group activities, the goals are very individualized, and the schedule is created to fit each specific camper.

This resort is open for kids 9-17 years old, and stays are in 2-week increments. Camp New Heights is located in Santa Barbara, California at the University of California. Therefore, campers will use the University of California’s facilities and have a dorm-style camp experience.

Camp New Heights promotes their friendly staff, and the ratio of 3 to 5 campers per each counselor. This is one of the smaller ratios of all FitStays listings, allowing for a high level of individualized attention.


The accommodations at Camp New Heights are dorms on the college campus that are filled with suites. Each dormitory that holds the suites are separated by male and female campers. The suites consist of 2 single beds, resulting in two campers per room. The suites are furnished with the basics of a dorm: bed, desk, chair, dresser and closet. Every suite shares a bathroom with one other conjoined suite.


The fitness at Camp New Heights is benchmarked against the California Physical Fitness Tests, though the program is customizable based on the specific needs of the campers.

Each camper picks 5 weekly activities – 3 group activities and 2 elective courses. The group activities are fitness-related and include strength, endurance and flexibility building. Examples of these activities are stretching, running, and team sports. The elective courses consist of arts and fitness activities. Examples of these activities are arts, crafts, dance, engineering, sports, golf, and tennis. Each week, campers get to choose new activities.

Every day at Camp New Heights ends with pool time right before dinner. This allows campers to relax after activities before dinner.


Since the camp is all-inclusive, the three daily meals at Camp New Heights are included in the camp program. In addition to the three meals, a night time snack is provided. Despite the dorm-style feel of the camp, outside food is not allowed. This rule is put in place due to potential allergies of other campers.

The food is created and designed by an onsite nutritionist. Before every meal is served, a nutritionist explains the benefits of the meal and how it is healthy, as well as teaching about eating in moderation. On the weekends there are cooking classes that are in conjunction with the foods eaten during the camp.


CNH recommends limiting outside communication when at the camp. This is to help the campers engage and focus on their “new heights” goal. The camp does offer designed times during the week for cell phone, tablet, and computer use.


Each summer as the University of California in Santa Barbara closes, Camp New Heights begins to open on campus. This is about 2 hours from the Los Angeles International Airport. Despite not being near the airport, there is a shuttle that CNH offers for $60 each way to and from the airport.

Pricing & 2023 Schedule

Camp New Heights costs between $1,480 and $1,900 per week, depending on how long campers stay at the program.

For 2023, Camp New Heights operates between June 25 and August 5, with new sessions beginning every week. Each session lasts between 2 and 6 weeks.

Camp pricing is all-inclusive of dorm lodging, meals, and activities. The more weeks a camper stays at CNH, the less they will pay per week. A two-week stay at Camp New Heights is around $1,900 per week, while a six-week stay (spanning the entire program) is only $1,480 per week.


Camp New Heights is a kid and teen camp for those 9-17 years old. Located on the University of California campus at Santa Barbara, this FitStay only runs for 6 weeks a year. This camp may be a great option for kids who want a mix of physical and non-physical activities. The ratio of 3 to 5 kids per counselor means that visitors looking for an individualized weight loss camp may wish to check out Camp New Heights.

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