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About We Care Spa

We Care Spa is a diet retreat in Desert Hot Springs, California focused on four components of total well-being: prefast, detox, treatment, and classes. The resort philosophy is to provide a transformational experience for body and mind. To achieve this, guests stay for 2, 5, or 7 nights and abide by a strict liquid diet while incorporating nutritional supplements and daily colonic cleanses. The property includes a full-service spa, infrared sauna, pool, meditative spaces, outdoor healing installations, and 17 overnight guest rooms. Plans always begin and end on Sunday or Friday.

Accommodations & Fitness

We Care Spa offers 17 overnight guest rooms in 5 categories, available for singles and doubles. Villa-style rooms include private baths and garden patios.

This FitStay focuses more on diet and mindfulness than exercise. They do not offer a gym or weight lifting equipment. However, they do encourage meditative yoga and other reflective therapies in both private and group settings. Movement classes are offered, focusing on a variety of yoga types, and also including fitness walks and breathing exercises.


All guests of this FitStay abide by the same liquid detox diet. Morning nutrition comes in the form of a green food drink. At noon, guests receive one cup of pressed juice. For dinner, they consume a hot pureed vegetable soup. Throughout the day, guests drink plentiful amounts of water and herbal teas. Nutritional supplements are also available.

It is recommended that incoming guests begin a pre-detox 2 – 3 days before arriving at the resort, consisting of fruit, vegetables, salads, juices, and herbal teas.


We Care Spa stresses the importance of colon health, massage therapy, and mindfulness, offering spa services to improve colon health, digestion, the lymphatic system, circulation, and blood pressure.

Colonics is one of the main features of a stay at We Care Spa. Each day, guests schedule a colon hydrotherapy treatment, which stimulates the breakdown and release of toxic waste, bile, mucus and debris lodged in the colon. Therapists flush the colon with a closed hydrotherapy system. The treatment encourages detox and is an important part of each guest’s full body cleanse. For an extra charge, it can be accompanied by activated oxygen or an abdominal massage.

We Care Spa also offers full body wraps. These wraps come in a variety of categories and address things like weight loss, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, hydration, detoxification, organ care, and improved muscle function.

Hypnotherapy sessions are available at an added cost. Using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis, guests are encouraged to release mental blocks that affect the detoxification process and overall wellbeing. Guests can also schedule private sessions in Breathwork, Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Breakthrough Hypnosis.


We Care Spa is located in Desert Hot Springs, CA. The area is known for its high temperatures, low humidity, and natural hot springs. It is a 20-minute drive from Palm Springs International Airport and 2 hours from downtown Los Angeles. Airport transportation is not provided, so guests will have to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft if flying in.


We Care Spa is an all-inclusive resort offering packages for 2 nights, 5 nights, or 7 nights. It is possible to upgrade with spa treatments, specialty classes, and one-on-one therapy sessions.

The week-long “Renewal Package” is from Sunday to Sunday or Friday to Friday. Prices range from $2,631 per person for a double in a resort level room to $6,900 per person for a single in a club level villa. Shorter stays have a similar (but slightly higher) per-night rate, depending on your room selection.


We Care Spa is an all-inclusive health resort primarily focused on detoxification, fasting, colonics, mindfulness, and total body wellness. Guests must abide by a strict cleansing diet during their time at the property, and are encouraged to participate in daily colonics. Located in the desert near Palm Springs, We Care Spa offers a full-service spa, mindfulness sessions, and meditative yoga. This FitStay is a good choice for people seeking digestive cleansing, detoxification, spiritual healing, and relaxation.

We Care Spa Pros

  • Strict liquid diet – Guests do not need to make decisions about meals, because nutrition is scheduled and provided in the form of a liquid-only diet.
  • Focus on detoxification and cleansing – A unique feature at We Care Spa is the resort’s spotlight on colonics.
  • Easy access – This FitStay is a 20-minute drive from Palm Springs International Airport.

We Care Spa Cons

  • Lack of organized exercise activities – Guests who are accustomed to an active physical lifestyle will need to incorporate their own exercise routine into daily activities.
  • Added fees – Some programs and services incur additional charges.

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