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About HCG Retreat

HCG Retreat, located in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, is a residential naturopathic weight loss center and detox retreat that caters to the individual guest to help with detoxification, fasting, weight loss, and health rejuvenation. The wellness approach at HCG focuses on the daily factors in guests’ health; physiological, metabolic, behavioral, environmental, emotional and nutritional all play a part in the program at HCG Retreat.

During their stay, guests participate in a naturopathic approach to weight loss, including an initial health consultation, intestinal cleanse, raw food diet, health classes, massage, and more. Because HCG Retreat is a small bed and breakfast style resort located in tropical Honolulu, guests receive individualized treatment that allows body and mind cleansing, and lets them return home feeling healthy and relaxed.

The Program

The program at HCG Retreat begins with an initial consult with one of the resort’s naturopathic specialists. These specialists perform comprehensive assessments to determine a guest’s starting weight, fluid levels, fat/lean percentage, nutritional habits and reasons why a guest may be having trouble losing weight. Here the specialist also determines whether or not the guest must take additional supplements to promote detox, boosted metabolism and fat burning.

Guests then take part in a complete intestinal cleanse to rid the body of toxins. Because of the intensity of this cleanse (from the tongue through the stomach to the colon), guests are encouraged to prepare adequately before their visit.

The nutrition program at HCG Retreat is centered around raw, organic foods (including juicing) prepared by on-site chefs, coupled with herbal tea and supplements to promote weight loss. This bed and breakfast style retreat also provides lifestyle classes for guests that include:

  • Medical food diet programs
  • How to set up your kitchen
  • Food combining
  • Juicing
  • How to satisfy cravings
  • Simple yet delicious recipes
  • Raw food weight loss
  • Weight loss diet plan (and a diet plan for busy people)
  • Massage

Additionally, HCG Retreat maintains their small client base to ensure each guest gets the individual attention they need to help hit their weight loss goals. HCG hopes that through the power of relaxation on the tropical island of Oahu, guests can relax, de-stress and detox to become a healthier version of themselves before returning home.


HCG Retreat is located in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii. Guests may fly into Honolulu’s airport (Daniel K. Inouye Airport or HNL) and take the transportation provided by the retreat to the resort.


HCG Retreat costs an average of $3,450 per week. The program offers 14-day, 21-day, and 28-day stays, and requires payment in full at least one month prior to a guest’s visit. The base price for a 14-day stay is $6,900 not including tax. This price includes:

  • 2 meals per day
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Daily coffee enemas
  • Access to the retreat’s gym, pool, hot tub and sauna
  • Herbs, supplements and teas for detox
  • All fitness and nutrition classes
  • Lodging

Additionally, HCG Retreat offers special request accommodations if necessary and requested prior to a guest’s stay.


HCG Retreat is a naturopathic wellness retreat located in Honolulu, Hawaii. A small retreat focused on individualized health plans, HCG Retreat offers guests intestinal cleansing, a raw food diet, and a picturesque landscape, hoping to foster weight loss and relaxation. HCG Retreat offers 2-week, 3-week, and month-long stays, while providing guests with transportation, food, classes and lodging. Guests looking to take part in an organic detox retreat in Hawaii may consider HCG Retreat.

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