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About COR Retreat

COR Retreat is an all-inclusive 5-day food-recovery retreat located at the McIver Center for Spiritual Development in the Big Woods Preserve in Wayzata, Minnesota. The COR Retreat program is structured around their 12 steps to recovery from food addiction, adapted from the methodology used by Alcoholics Anonymous.

The retreat program includes meals, outdoor walks, meditation, lectures, group discussions, and personal time scheduled throughout the 5-day stay. Through these activities, COR Retreat aims to improve guests’ relationship with food and educate them on how to live a healthier life beyond their stay.

The Program 

Guests at COR Retreat stay in private sleeping rooms, and have access to the following property amenities as part of the program:

  • Fitness Center
  • Meditation Room
  • Lounge Area with Fireplace and Library
  • Access to Wayzata Big Woods and Nature Trails

Because the main purpose of COR Retreat is to examine and improve guests’ relationship with food, there is less of an emphasis on fitness-related activities. The fitness component of the program consists of scheduled outdoor walks and an optional yoga class.

Meals provided for guests at COR Retreat are based around whole, nutritious foods prepared by their on-site chef. Three meals per day are provided as part of the all-inclusive program, along with an afternoon snack.

Much of the COR Retreat program is focused on nutritional education and improving guests’ relationship with food. Lectures and workshops are centered around topics such as:

  • Trigger Foods
  • Insanity of Our Thoughts Around Food
  • Food History
  • Fear, Resentment, and Acceptance
  • Obstacles to Success
  • Support Systems
  • Tools of Recovery


In addition to nutrition-focused lectures and workshops, guests participate in optional quiet reflection, meditation, and naps daily. Each evening closes with a time of gratitude, personal reflection, and assessment of the day.

Another emphasis of the COR Retreat is the availability of resources to aid guests beyond their stay, called the ‘COR Connection’. COR Retreat has built a private Facebook group open to COR Retreat alumni and volunteers to facilitate continued support.


COR Retreat is located at the McIver Center for Spiritual Development in the Big Woods Preserve in Wayzata, Minnesota. The retreat campus is just off of Highway 12, about 13 miles west of central Minneapolis. The property sits between Gleason Lake and Wayzata Bay.

Guests arriving from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport can make their way to the retreat via rental car (~30min) or public transportation (~90min). There is no shuttle service to or from the retreat.


There is a single package option for COR Retreat: their 5-day, 4-night all-inclusive program, which costs $1,250 per person. This cost covers all lodging, meals, and program materials, as well as access to the COR Connection Group.


Those struggling with a serious food addiction and wishing to address that issue with the support of other like-minded individuals may want to consider COR Retreat. However, those looking to lose a significant amount of weight or improve fitness may want to consider another diet- or fitness-focused FitStay.

COR Retreat Pros

  • Reliable methodology – By basing their 12-step program on a pre-existing, proven system, guests can be confident in the effectiveness of this FitStay.
  • Community-focused – The smaller tight-knit community of this FitStay facilitates support among guests during and after their stay.
  • Affordable – At $1,250 for 5-days, this is one of the more affordable FitStays in this category.

COR Retreat Cons

  • Single program option – There is no flexibility offered for those who want a shorter or longer stay, or to vary the intensity of the program.
  • Predetermined schedule – Daily sessions are mapped out in advance for guests, not allowing for flexibility in daily activities.
  • Lack of fitness activities – This FitStay lacks many of the same variety and frequency of fitness activities as other FitStays.

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