Green Mountain at Fox Run – CLOSED

Green Mountain at Fox Run – CLOSED

Women's Weight Loss Retreat

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Green Mountain at Fox Run is CLOSED

Update 1/18/20: Green Mountain at Fox Run has announced that they are closing their fitness resort. Check out the fitness resorts page at FitStays for alternatives.

About Green Mountain at Fox Run

Green Mountain at Fox Run is located in the hills of Vermont on 26 acres of land near Ludlow. This destination retreat is for women who have struggled with eating disorders, such as binge eating or food addictions, and have weight issues as a result of these disorders.

Green Mountain at Fox Run focuses on nutrition, fitness, and behavior/emotional health through a comprehensive and all-inclusive program open to women aged 17-70. Their philosophy is based on mindfulness and encouraging their clients to redefine their way of thinking when it comes to food and health. Programs begin and end on Sundays.

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Only 40-45 women are at the resort at any one time during the year and guests have an option of either a private or shared room. The Green Mountain at Fox Run staff chooses roommates carefully and personally. All rooms have private bathrooms, free WIFi, and daily housekeeping. All rooms are also non-smoking.

Private rooms feature a full or queen size bed, a dresser, a desk, and an armchair. There are two different types of shared accommodations, including a traditional double room with two full or queen size beds placed next to each other, or a duplex style room. The duplex has two full or queen size beds on separate floors so as to provide an individual living space for each guest. Bathroom is shared.


Fitness is part of the core program at Fox Run. After a personal wellness assessment is conducted that is inclusive of fitness level, guests participate in three daily fitness activities that range in intensity. Within every activity, extensive fitness modifications are included to ensure that every woman at every level can participate but still be challenged. Green Mountain at Fox Run does not run “boot camp” style classes. They do offer:

  • Tai Chi
  • Outdoor Walk
  • Back Care with Exercise
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cardio on the Fitball
  • “Vermonting”
  • Aquatics Class
  • Dance Class
  • Kayaking

Separately from fitness, “mindful movement” is also part of the daily core program. These include:

  • Drumming
  • Curvy Yoga
  • Balance Basics

Fox Run’s goal is to make exercise pleasurable and to teach exercises that are easy to follow so they can be continued at home. Participants are also taught how to develop a plan to make exercise a part of busy day to day schedules after they have left the retreat.


Food and nutrition is the biggest focal point of the programs at Green Mountain at Fox Run. Many women who attend Fox Run programs have been following a continuous cycle of dieting, emotional eating, weight loss, and weight gain. The goal of the programs is to help women rethink their eating habits.

Fox Run does not explicitly restrict the eating of any foods. Their chefs present well-rounded and balanced meals that meet nutritional goals. Any medical dietary restrictions or dietary preferences, such as vegetarian or vegan, are accounted for. The healthy cuisine comes from local products and recipes are available at an extra cost.

The retreat offers a Breakfast Buffet every morning that features a rotating variety of nutritious items. The staff uses the buffet style to teach how to put together a balanced breakfast meal to start the day. Lunch and dinner feature healthy and filling meals. A snack is given in between and usually consists of a fruit plate or vegetables and dip.


Aside from the core program, guests can purchase additional services. These include private consultations that range in specific desired goals and areas of improvement. They are:

  • Life coaching
  • Nutrition Consulting
  • Fitness Consulting
  • “Sustain the Change” session (for implementing what was learned during the program at home)

Fox Run also has a complete line of different therapeutic massages.

On the property is also the Women’s Center for Binge and Emotional Eating (WCBEE), which is the only women-only clinical program of its type in the country that helps resolve food and body issues. WCBEE offers two types of services. Pathway is a program that helps women discover personal barriers and offers behavioral change therapies for them. It has a strong emphasis on practicing mindfulness. Clinical services are individualized assessments and action plans for various needs.

In the specialized track for college-aged women program, participants have the option of adding on longer or more frequent family and coach sessions for an extra fee.

At certain times of the year, Green Mountain at Fox Run offers promotions such as a free cooking class for a sign-up.

Pets can stay at the designated “pet room” for participants who are staying at the retreat for four weeks or more at $25 per night. Participants who need an extra day before or after the official dates of the program can be accommodated with special room and board fees.


Green Mountain at Fox Run is located in South-Central Vermont just outside of Ludlow, VT. It is next to Okemo Valley Golf Club and the retreat boasts views of Okemo Mountain.

There are 7 airports within the vicinity, ranging from 3 hours to 45 minutes away. The preferred airport of use is Boston International Airport. Guests can also arrive by bus, train or car. If not arriving by car, the Green Mountain Shuttle Service can be booked for an extra fee.


Green Mountain at Fox Run’s programs run from one to four weeks with the occasional weekend program. Exact rates depend on the booking of a private room versus a shared room. A shared room with a one-week stay starts at $3,207, while a month’s stay in a private room is $13,669.

Prices include accommodations, meals, workshops, fitness activities and assessments, any guest speakers, program materials, gratuities, and taxes.

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Green Mountain at Fox Run does not describe itself as a weight loss camp, but focuses on the mental aspects and reasonings behind the food choices that guests have made up to their point of entrance into the program. Mindfulness and being in tune with your body are key points in Fox Run’s philosophy.

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