Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat – CLOSED

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Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat - CLOSED

Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is Closed

Update 4/28/19: The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is now permanently closed.

About Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is a faith-based dieting retreat in Parkersburg, West Virginia focused around eating raw foods. This diet is built on Biblical principles of how scripture calls people to eat. The Hallelujah Diet Retreat allows guests to learn how to cook new meals during their stay and go home with recipes.

The all-inclusive resort sits on 240 acres and includes a volleyball court, fish ponds, and a saltwater pool. The 6-bedroom resort has private rooms and shared living spaces for group activities.


The accommodations are cozy as the retreat takes place in a 6-bedroom home in the hills of West Virginia. Each guest will get an individual bedroom but there is shared community space of the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

The hosts of the resort are Ben and Janis Medeiros and they live on the resort where the retreat takes place. There are only 6 rooms at this resort, so the small feel gives the guest a hands-on experience and one-on-one time with the hosts. 


The Hallelujah diet has two parts to it. The first part is to consume a diet that resembles Biblical foods, which includes raw fruits and vegetables. The second part is to enhance nutrition through vitamins and supplements that are not in the raw foods. Therefore, all foods eaten at the resort will be organic and raw. The foods are made into meals and also into juices. Also, supplements will be provided to balance any nutrition deficiencies that the foods are not providing for.

Each chosen stay comes with a detox period in which guests will detox from old foods eaten, while switching to the new raw foods. The resort does not calorie count but focuses on nutrient-rich foods to provide energy and health.


Due to the retreat being faith-based, there is a daily devotional to prepare the guests’ spiritual life for the change that their body will see during their time at this FitStay. This includes Bible readings and group discussions.

Outside the accommodations is volleyball court, fish pond, and a near-Olympic sized pool filled with saltwater. Accompanying the pool is a large deck that one can relax on to take in natural vitamin D.

Since the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is small, there is time for one-on-one discussions and hands-on work. The goal is to have the guests be cooking the meals by the end of the retreat on their own. These meals can be cooked in the raw foods kitchen or juicing kitchen.


Hallelujah Diets Health Retreat is located in Parkersburg, West Virginia on a 240-acre piece of land near the Little Kanawha River. This location does not offer transportation to or from the airport, but is located 11 miles off Highway 77 South by car.

Air travelers may come through the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport (30 minutes away), or the John Glenn Columbus International Airport (2.5 hours away).

The Hallelujah Diet previously had a North Carolina resort, but is currently only operating their West Virginia location.


There are two-time frames that can be chosen for the Hallelujah Diet Retreat: one-week or two-week packages. The one-week package is called the Rejuvenation Package and costs $1,295. This all-inclusive package runs Sunday through Friday and includes 200 recipes and 14 menus. 

The two-week package costs $2,595 and is a 12-day span from a Sunday to Friday. Just as the one-week package, guests will get 200 recipes and 14 menus.


The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is an all-inclusive retreat that can be for one or two weeks. This retreat has a raw foods diet and incorporates vitamins to supplement deficiencies in nutrition. Scheduled exercise is not part of this FitStay, but there is a fitness room for guests who chose to workout.

The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is a faith-based and includes daily spiritual growth activities such as Biblical devotionals and discussion groups.

Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat Pros

  • Fitness room – Although this diet retreat is focused on food, the FitStay does understand the importance of balancing food with exercise. Although not offering exercise classes, the resort does have a fitness room available for those wanting to workout.
  • Inexpensive – Relative to other retreats, the pricing for the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is affordable for the one-week and two-week packages.

Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat Cons

  • Limited time – Currently the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat only runs once per month. This could create scheduling issues and inconvenience your schedule when trying to book a retreat.
  • Limited-diet – By focusing exclusively on raw fruits and vegetables, some guests may prefer a more comprehensive nutritional experience.
  • Faith-based may limit guests – This FitStay is faith-based and includes daily devotionals to provide spiritual nourishment as much physical. This may limit those who are not Christian but want to try the Hallelujah Diet.

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