Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

Christian Retreat near Canton, GA

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About Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is a faith-based dieting retreat outside of Atlanta, Georgia focused around eating raw foods. This diet is built on Biblical principles of how scripture calls people to eat. The Hallelujah Diet Retreat allows guests to learn how to cook new meals during their stay and go home with recipes.

The all-inclusive resort has recently moved from Parkersburg, West Virginia to Kingston, Georgia, and includes both private and shared rooms, as well as spaces for group activities.


The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat takes place at the River Wellness Lodge, a retreat center in Kingston, Georgia. Guests of the Lodge may select either a private room, or choose to share a room with another retreat participant.

The retreat is hosted by Paul & Ann Malkmus; Paul’s father, Reverend George Malkmus, is the founder of the Hallelujah Diet. Guests of the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat will work with Paul and Ann during the course of their stay.


While exercise is not the focus of the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat, guests will have the choice of various fitness equipment:

  • Pelaton bike
  • Treadmill
  • Stretching class (video)
  • Rebounders
  • Precor glider
  • Total Gym

Additionally, guests unable to utilize this equipment will be encouraged to take a gentle walk each day in the surrounding neighborhoods.


The Hallelujah diet has two parts to it. The first part is to consume a diet that resembles Biblical foods, which includes raw fruits and vegetables. The second part is to enhance nutrition through vitamins and supplements that are not in the raw foods. Therefore, all foods eaten at the resort will be organic and raw. The foods are made into meals and also into juices. Also, supplements will be provided to balance any nutrition deficiencies that the foods are not providing for.

Each chosen stay comes with a detox period in which guests will detox from old foods eaten, while switching to the new raw foods. The resort does not calorie count but focuses on nutrient-rich foods to provide energy and health.


Due to the retreat being faith-based, there is a daily devotional to prepare the guests’ spiritual life for the change that their body will see during their time at this FitStay. This includes Bible readings and group discussions.

Since the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is small, there is time for one-on-one discussions and hands-on work. The goal is to have the guests be cooking the meals by the end of the retreat on their own. These meals can be cooked in the raw foods kitchen or juicing kitchen.


Hallelujah Diets Health Retreat is currently located in Kingston, Georgia, adjacent to the Etowah River. The retreat center, the River Wellness Lodge, is approximately 90 minutes away from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Transportation from the airport is not included in the all-inclusive fee, but the airport can arrange transport for guests wishing to pay extra.

Other nearby major cities include Birmingham, Alabama (2.5 hours) and Chattanooga, Tennessee (1.5 hours).

The Hallelujah Diet previously hosted resorts in West Virginia and in North Carolina, but is currently only operating the Georgia location.


The one-week Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat (Sunday through Friday afternoon) costs $2,500 per person. The all-inclusive retreat includes accommodations, meals and juices, health consultations, classes, and fitness options.


The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is an all-inclusive diet retreat in Georgia at the River Wellness Lodge, run by the son and daughter-in-law of the founder of the Hallelujah Diet. This retreat has a raw foods diet and incorporates vitamins to supplement deficiencies in nutrition. Scheduled exercise is not part of this FitStay, but there is a fitness room for guests who choose to workout.

The Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat is a faith-based and includes daily spiritual growth activities such as Biblical devotionals and discussion groups. Guests looking for a spiritually-focused diet retreat may wish to check out the Hallelujah Diet Health Retreat

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