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Hilton Head Health is an all-inclusive fitness resort on South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island. Hilton Head Health (or H3) has intensive structured weight loss programs as well as more flexible wellness programs for general health.

Hilton Head Health is open to all adults 18 and older, and emphasizes custom fitness options based on guest needs. Most programs begin on Sundays, and last in one-week or one-month increments. One of H3’s general wellness programs offers a 3-day or 4-day option.

All of H3’s programs include healthy dining options, fitness workouts, and lectures covering the physical and mental aspects of health and weight-loss. Additionally, Hilton Head Health offers optional at-home services following your stay, to keep on track with your health and fitness goals.


Hilton Head Health guests stay at 2- or 3-bedroom villas near the weight loss resort. These villas are 1,600-square-foot condos with private bedrooms and baths, plus a shared common living area and shared laundry area.

If attending the Hilton Head Health program with others, you may wish to have your group stay in one of these 2- or 3-bedroom villas. Solo guests staying at the resort will have a private bedroom and bathroom, but share the villa with one or two other individual travelers to help with support and accountability through the program.

Alternatively, solo travelers may wish to rent an exclusive private villa to themselves for an extra cost.

All rooms and villas are fully furnished, and many guests have complimented their accommodations. Accommodations are separate from H3’s main campus, but connected via pedestrian paths for walking or biking. Additionally, transportation between guest villas and the main resort is available upon request.

The Hilton Head Health campus is within the Shipyard Plantation gated community, which includes multiple award-winning golf courses and miles of walking paths. Additionally, the H3 resort is just blocks away from the beach.


Hilton Head Health offers a variety of exercise options depending on your fitness goals. H3’s JumpStart and LoseWell programs are designed around weight-loss, with structured meal, exercise, and class schedules. The JumpStart program has a minimum one-week stay, while the more serious LoseWell weight-loss program requires a minimum one-month commitment.

For guests looking for a healthy vacation but not pushing for a specific weight-loss goal, H3’s wellness programs (LiveWell and Healthy Getaway) may be a better fit. LiveWell is a one-week program similar to JumpStart, but without the specific weight-loss focus. Healthy Getaway is a three- or four-night program, for guests looking for a shorter wellness vacation.

Each program has a similar (but specialized) set of fitness and exercise options, including daily beach walks and “Thermal Walks” after each lunch and dinner, designed to increase metabolism.

On the standard JumpStart program, guests will participate in 3-5 daily exercise classes, which may include some of the following:

  • Cardio workouts
  • Pool classes
  • Zumba dance classes
  • Pilates classes
  • Yoga classes (variety)
  • Barre classes
  • Stretch exercises
  • Tabata workouts
  • Aerobics classes
  • Mobility/flexibility sessions

Hilton Head Health emphasizes it’s customized fitness options as part of the JumpStart and LoseWell weight-loss programs, with small group and private training sessions. For most fitness sessions at H3, multiple different classes are offered at the same time, to give guest many options for their exercise needs.

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The all-inclusive dining options at Hilton Head Health are centered around their “True Restaurant”, where healthy meals are served in an upscale restaurant setting. Dining options are presented with calories listed on a diverse menu, including healthy American and multi-ethnic food options.

The H3 weight-loss programs suggest a daily caloric intake of 1,200 to 1,600 calories per day. True Restaurant is able to help guests achieve this mark, as well as offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

True Restaurant serves three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and offers FitBites snacks as needed, which includes fruit and veggie options.

In addition to meals, Hilton Head Health prides itself on its Healthy Kitchen nutrition classes. These classes include meal planning, cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes, private cooking lessons, and the “Chef’s Table Fine Dining Experience” with table-side healthy food preparation paired with fine wines.


Hilton Head Health is located on the southeast side of Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The H3 campus is part of the Shipyard Plantation gated community, and located adjacent to the Shipyard Golf Club. Avid golfers can take advantage of H3’s location playing a round at the Shipyard or other nearby golf courses.

H3 programs include transportation as part of their all-inclusive packages. Your package price includes round-trip shuttle service to Hilton Head Island Airport (HHH) or Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV), and shuttles are also available on-request for trips around the island.


Hilton Head Health markets itself as an upscale fitness resort, and that is reflected in its price. One week of the JumpStart weight-loss program ranges from $3,375 per week to $4,800 per week, depending on the time of year you wish to book and what special offers are available. The wellness programs at H3 are typically less expensive than the weight-loss programs, though prices may vary based on available offers.

Programs at Hilton Head Health are all-inclusive, and include room-rate, all food, transportation from nearby airports, and what they call H3$, a resort currency that can be used at the spa or for extra classes or offerings.


The Indigo Spa at Hilton Head Health is a full luxury spa and salon. The Indigo Spa offers a full selection of spa, salon, and massage services, as well as take-home products. H3 guests can spend their H3$ credits at the spa.

Hilton Head Health lauds their H3 at Home service for maintaining health and wellness following the resort stay. H3 at Home offers weekly phone sessions with a Wellness Coach, a private Facebook group, a monthly health panel, and more, to help guests stay on-track with fitness and nutrition. Guests of the LoseWell program receive one free month of H3 at Home services following their stay.


Hilton Head Health is a flexible weight-loss and wellness resort with customized options for whatever your fitness needs may be. As a more expensive FitStay, it may not be for everyone; but if you are looking for an upscale fitness resort on the east coast, H3 is one to consider.

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    retrac1965 Submission Jun 04, 2020

    My Yearly visit is back on!!!!!!

    Let me start by saying that I thought with all the Covid stuff I would miss out on my yearly 2 week stay of H3. I've been going for the last 14 or so years, really only missing the occasional year. I will say that over the course of the last three years H3, while always great, has been reinvigorated. The facility has had a face lift, the menu is new and varied, the workouts are new with so many options, and the accommodations are great. In addition, I plan on staying in the new lodge currently being built on my next stay. I can't express how happy I am that H3 has been allowed to open up on the 7th. I will be there at the end of this month and can't wait for the beach classes, the food (oh the food), and the spa. Their spa might be the best new addition to their re invigoration. Each night comes with spa credits. Over the course of time I've done both systems at H3, Lose Well and Live Well. I started my first few years there doing Lose Well, seeing that I was 315 lbs. This trip I will be going in as roughly 200 lbs and doing the Live Well program. Hope to see anyone reading this there.

  2. 5
    Trekker1979 Submission May 12, 2020

    Really great place

    I attended H3 just prior to the pandemic starting. I was referred by a co-worker who has been going for years to H3. My co-worker by no means is a beacon of health or in danger of being on the cover of any fitness magazines, but I certainly can't talk with a BMI in the 30s and pants size I'd rather not mention. What I can say is that he spoke so highly of the experience, relaxation, inclusive nature of the resort, and the low pressure feeling that he sold me on trying it.
    I am a tough critic and this place really does a nice job. The food was delicious and healthy. The menu for every meal is varied, prepared like any 4 or 5 star restaurant, the ambiance is relaxed and the company is great. This experience reminded me alot of college in that my day involved some education, lots of fitness and activity, eating, socializing and ultimately relaxing. I will say the spa at H3 really helps with the relaxation piece. I had two messages, a facial and used the amenities in the spa on multiple occasions. What really doesn't hurt is the proximity to the beach and the activities that happen on the beach daily.
    The fitness classes had a little bit for anyone. Each workout had three levels and really could be adapted to fitness level and stamina. The pool workouts were a nice change of pace and helped with recovery, especially later in the week.
    As for the accommodations, they were fine. I had a private bedroom and bathroom in a villa that was shared with other people that were staying at H3. It again had that college feel of meeting new people, bonding, hanging out socially and being attached through a common goal.
    Here is the most important part of this review...the staff. Wow!!! They are knowledgeable yet chill. They push but still support. I got the feeling the entire time there that I had access to a high quality trainer anytime I wanted one. I also really enjoyed the TRX workouts that were so accessible at my own house.
    So long story short, would I go back? I sure will once this pandemic nonsense is over. The good news is they have an app which is updated frequently with new cooking recipes and demos as well as workouts. All and all H3 became a game changer for the way I live my life. Check it out if you get a chance.

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    Carterg49 Submission May 07, 2020

    Thought I knew it all

    My backstory is important to this post. I am the son of a dad that always battled his weight. As a kid I was very active and combatted what appeared to be genetics. So I stayed busy and active into my 20’s. I maintained through College track and also married my college track sweetheart. Life stayed active after graduation and through our wedding. Then life caught up, long nights at work, kids, you name it.
    So fast forward to 38, 45 lbs heavier, back problems starting and just a general sense of not being happy. Tried everything...p90x, instantly, T25, Noom, tracking food on MyFitnessPal. Stayed the same or gained.
    Then I stumbled on H3. I was reluctant because I already knew everything and I knew how to workout, this was just my genetics winning. My amazing wife convinced me to go.

    So I went. From the very first phone call before my arrival. Knew this place if nothing else would attend to my needs. They recommended the “Be Well” program so I did the “Be Well” program. As soon as I got there I was impressed with the facility, accommodations, but most importantly the community feel created by the amazing staff. I thought I would feel awkward and had the idea that this would be a bunch of fit individuals looking down on me. What I found was People on their own journey trying to better themselves.
    So what I found is I didn’t know how to function as a non athlete. The classes taught me about the macros I never paid attention to, the portions I never realized, the timing and balancing of a meal. Then on the fitness side, it was learning to be fit for life, not for an event or competition. The classes were whatever I wanted them to be. So many choices all day. So many snacks and the meals were amazing, all included in the price I must add. Overall, it is what I needed to start the next 40 years of my life. I will undoubtedly go back next year. It’s the best kind of vacation, you’re relaxed. In better shape then when you left and best yet, you come home with motivation and goals.

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