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Happy and Raw is a weight-loss diet retreat located on the Big Island of Hawaii on a 10-acre sustainable Sacred Source Springs that offers guests the opportunity to stay off the grid. Happy and Raw offers a variety of retreats depending on the time of the year, but the Raw Food Detox Retreat is offered year-round. Happy and Raw was featured on HGTV in September of 2015 on the series Off The Grid Living.

Happy and Raw believes in more than dieting; they believe in taking control of daily actions to attain healthy goals. The retreat has nutrition and wellness discussions daily, as well as raw and whole foods served during meals. This FitStay allows guests to pick fresh fruits and vegetables with the hosts that will be used in the daily meals.


The retreats at Happy and Raw present a holistic approach by joining the guests with nature. The retreat takes place at Sacred Source Springs, a natural volcanic hot spring, in which guests can be one with nature.

Accommodations depend on if the stay is for one person or a couple. These private accommodations are purely for sleeping as they only include the simplicity of a bed. If traveling alone, then a private bungalow and shared bathroom will be provided. If traveling as a couple, then a private bungalow and private bathroom will be provided. The bathing quarters are outdoors and include tiled showers and clawfoot bathtubs.

In the middle of the resort is a community space, called the Arc, that has a kitchen and living room. This area has windows from top to bottom that open up, giving the space the feeling that it is part of the outdoor environment. There is one single guest accommodation located in the loft of the Arc.

This accommodation is fully solar-powered. Despite the off-grid feel of the resort, a washing machine, cell reception, and internet are available.


As the name suggests, the foods that will be provided are part of a 100% organic, raw foods diet. The raw foods diet has an emphasis on fresh and local cuisine. The resort has many fresh fruits and vegetables that grow on the property that will be used in the preparation of meals.

The host of the resort, Laura Dawn, prepares all of the program’s. Laura is a holistic health consultant, author, and raw foods chef. Guests are able to cook with the chef and learn how to incorporate more raw foods into their meals when they go back home.

On top of daily meals and smoothies, intestinal herbal cleansing teas will be provided. On the private retreats, Happy and Raw will customize the detox plan to match the specific needs of the guest.


Happy and Raw’s Detox and Private Raw Foods Detox both include daily nutrition and wellness discussions. These discussions are led by Laura Dawn and cover material in her books Unhooked, A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food and 28-Day Plant Based Meal Plan. These discussions are geared towards continuing the diet change once returning home.

Included in the detox package, guests can optionally join meditation classes, aromatherapy, and herbal foot soakings. These optional activities are designed to provide relaxation of the mind and body during the detox.

The Happy and Raw resort has optional hour-long therapeutic massages. for an additional charge.


Happy and Raw is located in lower Puna, called Pāhoa, on the Big Island of Hawaii. This tropical destination is surrounded by forest greenery, including fruits and vegetables. The grounds sit on a volcanic hot spring, giving the resort naturally hot water. Happy and Raw is about 30 minutes South-East of the Hilo International Airport, and transportation to and from the airport is provided at no additional charge.

About 20 minutes down the road from the Sacred Source Springs is a black sand beach called Kahena. Clothing is optional at this beach, and although not required to go to Kahena during the retreats, many guests chose to visit.


The pricing for 8 days at the Raw Foods Detox is $2,000 for a single person and $3,300 for a couple. 8 days is a standard stay at the Raw Foods Detox retreat, but guests can stay longer for a premium price.

The special occasion retreats have different pricing, such as the New Year’s Raw Food retreat starting at $1,900 per person.


Happy and Raw is a diet resort offering detox retreats both in a group setting and privately. These retreats are best for those who are looking to explore diets that include raw, organic foods. For guests with specific health needs, Happy and Raw’s private option would be best for a more customized program.

Happy and Raw Pros

  • One-on-one learning – Due to only have a few areas of accommodation, retreat leaders Laura and Noah are able to invest time one-on-one with the guests.
  • Airport access – Transportation to/from the airport is included in this FitStay. For some travelers, not having to worry about the logistics of ground transportation after the flight can take stress off planning for the trip.
  • Fresh foods – The foods are largely picked straight from the Sacred Source Spring’s gardens on-campus, making them extremely fresh and completely organic.

Happy and Raw Cons

  • Minimal learning material – During the stay, guests are given a copy of Laura Dawn’s two books, but no additional materials. Guests looking for a diversity of knowledge and theories may wish to check out other FitStay options.
  • Doubles as Airbnb – The Sacred Source Springs doubles as an Airbnb. That means your stay could have extra visitors on the resort with you who are not part of the retreat, potentially taking away from some privacy and intimacy at the resort.
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