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Live In Fitness has temporarily relocated from their California location to Scottsdale, Arizona. Program details remain similar to their previous location and offerings.

About Live in Fitness

Live In Fitness is an all-inclusive fitness and weight-loss retreat located in Long Beach, California. Live In Fitness offers three levels of personalized training for a variety of individuals, from those looking to lose 40 pounds or more to elite athletes looking to increase their performance.

Visitors undergo an initial body and health assessment to determine their individual level of health and fitness. They then work with trainers and nutritionists to structure safe and effective training and meal plans for the duration of their stay. Live in Fitness also offers a variety of educational lectures and workshops to teach and enable visitors to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle after they leave the retreat.

Live In Fitness offers a variety of different packages priced on a per-week basis, all of which include scientific body assessments, 5-7 hours of personal training and/or group exercise classes every day, daily customized meals, training and nutrition lectures and workshops, accommodations and amenities, and an aftercare program to provide health consultation services for visitors following their stay.

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Live In Fitness visitors stay in their beachside facility overlooking the Queensway Bay at the mouth of the Los Angeles River. Guests choose their accommodation preferences after selecting a fitness program by calling Live in Fitness directly.


Live In Fitness offers three distinct fitness programs tailored to fit individual visitors’ fitness goals. All of these programs include scientific health assessments, 5-7 hours of personal coaching and/or group fitness classes each day, daily customized meals, and health lectures and workshops.

The first level of training, their “Lose Big, Win Big” program, is designed for more extreme weight-loss and health improvement. This program is ideal for those who want to lose 40 pounds or more and need safe, effective coaching and nutrition guidance.

The second level, their “Shed and Shape” program, is designed for intermediate level sculpting and fitness training. This program is a good fit for those looking to lose less than 40 pounds and are looking to increase their tone and structure.

Finally, the third level, their “Ready to Rip” program, is designed for increasing the performance of elite level athletes. This program is geared toward athletes who have achieved their desired level of fitness but want to learn how to take their athletic performance to the next level.

As part of these programs, Live In Fitness offers over 40 different group classes including:

  • Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Running
  • Boxing
  • Beach Biking
  • Hiking
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • … and several others

In addition to fitness training, Live In Fitness offers frequent lectures and workshops to educate their guests on healthy exercise habits and how to adopt healthy mindsets and behaviors.


All Live In Fitness packages include daily personalized meals, nutrition education, and culinary workshops. During their stay, guests work 1-on-1 with nutritionists and chefs to formulate a meal plan based on their nutritional needs and goals. The nutritional content of each meal, including the grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, are carefully weighed before each meal to ensure adherence to the meal plan.

The nutrition lectures and workshops are designed to help guests to learn about and understand the benefits of good nutrition to motivate future healthy eating practices. In these sessions, they learn about what types of food are healthy and why, appropriate portion sizing, balancing macronutrients, healthy cooking techniques, and health-conscious recipes.


Upon guests’ initiation of any Live In Fitness program of their choice, they undergo a comprehensive scientific body assessment including a hydrostatic body fat test, a resting metabolic rate test, a VO2-max test, and body age test to determine their level of health and fitness and tailor their program to maximize results. During their stay, guests are provided routine health assessments to ensure that the program is working as safely and effectively as planned.

Live In Fitness also offers an aftercare program, allowing visitors to use the resources at Live In Fitness after the end of their stay. This includes consultations with fitness experts, psychological and behavioral counseling, and other tools to help visitors stick with healthy lifestyle after their stay.


Live In Fitness is located on West Ocean Boulevard on the South Shore of Long Beach, California. The Live In Fitness retreat campus is just an hour South of the Heart of Los Angeles and is adjacent to Junipero Beach facing the Queensway Bay at the mouth of the Los Angeles River.

Guests at Live In Fitness arriving at Los Angeles International Airport can make their way to Live In Fitness via public transportation (about 1.5 hours) or by car (about 30 minutes).


Live In Fitness offers different pricing options depending on guests’ desired involvement and length of stay. Their prices start as low as $3,490 per week for the base package, which includes accommodations and amenities, 5-7 hours of coaching each day, customized meals, coaching and nutrition lectures and workshops, and the complete aftercare program. Additionally, they offer extended stay discounts and airfare incentives for enrollments of 4 weeks or longer.

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Live In Fitness is a comprehensive fitness and weight-loss retreat designed around the needs and goals of each guest. They offer three levels of fitness programs, over 40 different group fitness classes, customized meal planning, and an aftercare program for helping guests after their stay.

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