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Miraval Arizona Resort (MAR) is a luxury wellness spa for those 18 years or older. This resort has different packages available, with varying prices and activities. All packages include access to their 120 weekly courses offered. The MAR has a Mind and Body package that focuses on the either stress relief or getting fit.

Located in the mountains range of Arizona, MAR’s activities primarily take place outdoors, including in the mountains. The resort offers complimentary transportation to and from the Tuscan International Airport.


There are four accommodation options at the MAR: the retreat, suite, room or villa. All options come with WiFi and cell service.

The retreat is the newest accommodation on the property. This accommodation is built for those in a party of two or more. The retreat offers an apartment feel as it come with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, private bathroom, and a private pool. Depending on which layout of the 22 retreats are chosen, there will be more than one bedroom and bathroom.

The suites have a variety of layouts just as the retreats. The suites come with a king-size bed, fireplace and outdoor lounge. Depending on the layout chosen, the size ranges from 600-1,000 square feet. Depending on the layout chosen, the suite may have a dining room, in-room spa services, or an outdoor shower.

The room options range from 400-600 square foot, and the bed can be either one king or two double beds. These rooms all have a balcony, and one of the options comes with an outdoor shower.

The villas resemble the resort as it has a fully-furnished home feel. The villas are detached from other accommodations and make the guests feel that they are on their own personal resort. This type of accommodation is most known for the blend of indoor and outdoor living. It can be rented out for a couple or used for corporate parties of 8 or more. The villa allows guests to eat dinner at their accommodations instead of going to the designated food areas on the resort.


Since the MAR is located in the mountains of Arizonia, many of the fitness activities are performed outdoors. Those activities can range from mountain biking, hiking, group fitness classes, and a climbing wall. In addition to these group setting activities, the Mind and Body “Get Fit” package comes with 3 complimentary private fitness sessions. It should be noted that guests need to sign up for the classes prior to attending. Classes fill up quick, so it is beneficial to schedule the classes in advance.


The Miraval Arizona Resort has two places to eat: The Cactus Flower Restaurant, and the Palm Court Café.  The Cactus Flower Restaurant is a buffet-style sit down meal. The Palm Court Café is a small café that has few seats. The Palm Court offers smoothies, coffee, tea, fresh fruit and pastries.

Although MAR has a Mind and Body package in which guests can choose the “get fit” path, that does not mean the Mind and Body guests eat different foods. The same foods are available for all guests which means the Mind and Body guests are not given special foods to fit the desires of their package.

There are two bars on the resort property. An inside bar called Brave Bill Lounge has a full menu with many appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, as well as alcoholic beverages. The outside bar is a poolside and has cocktails and milkshakes.


There is an onsite spa at the MAR that guests can utilize but is not included in the cost of the stay. Each night at the Miraval Arizona Resort, guests who choose the Mind and Body package will receive $50 of credit that can be redeemed for spa services, private sessions or activities.

Throughout the week there are 120 different wellness classes and lectures that can be taken. These lectures are in a group setting and are included in any package chosen. Although 120 classes are offered per week, guests are not guaranteed to join them. Guests must sign up for classes and there is only a limited amount of spaces per class.


The MAR FitStay is located near Route 77 in Tuscan, Arizona. Roughly 30 miles away from the airport, MAR offers complimentary transportation to and from the Tuscan International Airport. This location is located near Mt Lemmon; therefore, the resort offers hikes and bike rides in the mountains.


The Mind and Body package at the Miraval Arizona Resort has pricing tiers that are dependent on two factors: amount of days at the resort and which accommodations are preferred. At the time of booking, 50% of the deposit is required to place a reservation.  Do note, there is a 23% resort charge added to the per day amount to cover the all-inclusive style of the resort.

Whether choosing the Mind and Body package or another package, the resort is all inclusive. The only additional charge is any spa packages chosen.


The Miraval Arizona Resort is a luxury wellness spa with many available packages. The Mind and Body package has a “get fit” avenue in which guests can have 3 private fitness sessions with a personal trainer in addition to the 120 courses offered at the MAR.

The MAR is located in Tuscan, Arizona and offers complimentary transportation to and from the Tuscan Airport. Since the resort sits on 400 acres in the mountains, many of the activities are outdoors.

Since this resort does not have special restaurants for their Mind and Body clients, this resort is best for those who want to get in shape, but already know the best nutrition for their lifestyle.

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