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About Pritikin Health Resort & Longevity Center

Pritikin Health Resort is an all-inclusive health and longevity center in Miami, Florida. In addition to diet-friendly meals and in-house accommodations, guests will be provided with training in nutrition, exercise, and the mind-body connection. Medical consultations are also included in a standard package.

Programs usually begin on Sunday and last for a week, although they can be extended or shortened to one weekend. All classes take place on resort grounds.

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On-site accommodations are provided to all guests. Rooms are available within walking distance of the main resort campus or near the spa facility.

As a guest, you  can choose between six rooms/suites. All rooms come with:

  • one or two beds
  • a small sitting area
  • a writing desk
  • a private bathroom
  • a balcony or lanai
  • wifi
  • 55-inch TVs
  • espresso machines
  • a view of the resort’s gardens or golf courses

The deluxe guestroom, included with the standard package, is limited to the features above. If you expect to invite guests to your room, you can upgrade to the resort suite, which has all the amenities of the deluxe guestroom plus a large parlor with a bar and an additional bathroom.

You may also choose to stay in one of the spa suites, which feature deep soaking tubs and exclusive spa products in the bathrooms. You can choose between the spa premier room, queen room, king room, or grand room, depending on the parlor size you want.


Pritikin’s approach to exercise includes three areas of focus: cardiovascular (aerobic) conditioning, strength training, and flexibility.

At Pritikin, you will spend 45-60 minutes per day doing aerobic activities in a large exercise center, which houses:

  • treadmills
  • stationary bicycles
  • rowing machines
  • cross trainers
  • elliptical walker

For an additional three days of the week, you will participate in 20 minute strength training programs, which may involve lifting weights, working out your abs, or doing yoga. Finally, you will be encouraged to spend at least 10 minutes stretching before you begin any exercise.

If you feel up for more exercise, you can enroll in recreational activities including:

  • aqua aerobics
  • Tai Chi
  • Zumba
  • spinning
  • yoga and pilates
  • physioball

Coaches will be available to guide you through all activities and teach you practical exercises that you can continue using when you return home.


On an average day, Pritikin guests are provided with three meals and two snacks, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Guests can choose between five entrees at each meal, and lunch and dinner come with dessert.

The Pritikin diet emphasizes the use of fresh, minimally processed foods and discourages the use of butter, oils, salts, processed meats and other fattening ingredients. However, no food groups are completely off limits. In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, you can expect to find meat, cheese, and carbohydrates like potatoes and whole grain bread on the menu at the Pritikin Health Resort.

Although meals at Pritikin are prepared by a team of dietitians and chefs, you can also take a behind-the-scenes look at the food prep. Nutrition workshops are available to teach you how to make smart food choices, and cooking courses can teach you to recreate many of the meals you eat at Pritikin when you return home.

Special dietary needs (including kosher, vegan and halal) can be accommodated for an additional charge. Likewise, guests can choose between diets designed to lose weight, reduce cholesterol, and/or manage diabetes.


Pritikin provides access to five golf courses, zen gardens, swimming pools, and tennis courts. Guests can also visit the spa facilities for massages and other spa services.

The Pritikin program emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection, so guests are encouraged to sign up for seminars that teach methods for changing habits, reducing stress, and managing moods. Specialty behavioral courses for guests who want to stop smoking or correct a sleeping disorder are also available.

Access to certified physicians comes with a standard package. As a guest, you can expect to receive:

  • a comprehensive history and physical exam
  • private consultations to track your progress towards your fitness goals
  • cardiometabolic fitness testing
  • blood panels to analyse inflammatory markers, cholesterol levels, and insulin and blood sugar sensitivity

Finally, Pritikin offers multiple services to support you in maintaining your fitness plan when you go back home. Members of the Pritikin program can access educational videos, recipes and meal plans, and fitness tracking tools.


Pritikin is located in Miami Florida, about 12 minutes away from Miami International Airport or 35 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Airport. Several golf courses and parks are located within a few blocks of the resort, as well as supermarkets and restaurants.


Prices for a stay at the Pritikin Health Resort can vary greatly, depending on the length of your stay, the time of year you choose to visit, and the amenities you add during your stay.

A standard, one-week couple’s package starts at an average of $4,475 per person, while a single’s package is higher. This package includes:

  • deluxe guestroom accommodations
  • meals
  • physician consultations
  • fitness classes
  • wellness classes
  • a $125 service credit

Additional weeks can be added on for an additional cost. Some modifications, such as upgrading your accommodations, modifying meals for special dietary needs, or adding special medical procedures like cardiovascular imaging, sleep apnea screening, or diabetic testing will cost extra.

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Pritikin Health Resort is an all-inclusive health and longevity center that provides a wide variety of services to its guests. If you are comfortable with the high price, you won’t be disappointed by the many luxuries Pritikin has to offer.

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