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Camp Pocono Trails (CPT) is a weight loss camp in Pennsylvania sponsored by New Image Camps. This camp is designed for kids and teens, ages 7-17, to achieve weight-loss results from fitness activities and nutrition programs. Pocono Trails promotes that the camp is known for results, but also for the fun experience campers will have.


Campers stay in cabins at Camp Pocono Trails. The cabins are separated by age, gender, and length of stay. Each cabin has 6-8 campers with a camp counselor. All beds in the cabins are single beds that are not bunked. These cabins are cleaned regularly by housekeeping.

Showers and bathrooms are located inside the cabins so campers do not have to leave their cabins to use these facilities.


Fitness is an integral part at Camp Pocono Trails but according to CPT, so is fun. They promote that fitness activities are geared to be adventures mixed with fitness. Kids get to pick five activities per day to partake in. In addition to these five activities, there are free times during the day in which kids get to use all the facilities.

There are 42 fitness activities that campers can choose from that relate to five categories: water sports, athletics, calisthenics and fitness, and adventure trails and special outings. All activities are grouped by age, and most are grouped by gender. During the day almost all activities are grouped by gender; however, at night the activities are co-ed.

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Camp Pocono Trails has an on-site registered dietitian and fitness trainer. The nutrition provided at CPT is based on 2 sources: My Plate Guidelines from the USDA and Exchange List for Weight Management form the National Institutes for Health.

The goal at CPT is to teach kids how to eat right foods so they are empowered to do it on their own. The foods eaten are whole, natural foods—eliminating as many processed foods as possible.

Just like the dorms, the calories per meals are separated by gender and age. The typical calories consumed daily range from 1,600 to 1,700. Because a limited-calorie menu is paired with daily fitness and activities, campers are designed to lose 3-5 pounds per week depending on how much extra weight the camper has to lose.

Each day campers will receive three meals and two small snacks. These meals are built to be high in vitamins and nutrition. In addition to the regular menus, kids are able to follow kosher or vegetarian menus if needed.


Camp Pocono Trials has a separate swimming pool for boys and girls. These pools are heated and overlook the lake, Lake Akiba.

Safety is a priority at CPT. Onsite there is 24-hour security and medical staff. The staff to camper ratio is 1:4 in order to keep kids safe while providing needed attention. In addition to safety being a priority at CPT, the camp is also accredited as an American Camp Association. This accreditation shows Pocono Trails’ dedication to provide a safe and nurturing camp environment.

In addition to the kids camp, there are family, moms and young adult options at CPT. The family option allows families to do the same activities as the kids camp, but together as a group. The moms camp is for mothers who are looking to get in shape. Similar to the kids camp the young adults camp is for those 18-25 who are looking to lose weight and get healthier.


Camp Pocono Trails is located nestled in the Pocono Mountains near Reeders, Pennsylvania, just 90 minutes outside Philadelphia and New York City. It has over 350 acres of land and a private lake on property.

Campers traveling to CPT from west of the Mississippi River are offered free airfare to the camp with a minimum 4-week stay.

Pricing & 2021 Schedule

Camp Pocono Trails costs between $1,565 and $1,975 per week, depending on the length-of-stay. The longer a camper stays at CPT, the lower the price-per-week.

For 2021, Camp Pocono Trails operates between June 16 and August 18, with options as short as two weeks, or as long as the entire duration. The full 2021 schedule and rates are as follows:

  • Precamp:  6/16-6/26 (11 days) – $3,190
  • Session 1: 6/27-8/18 (7+ weeks) – $10,790
  • Session 2: 6/27-8/7 (6 weeks) – $9,390
  • Session 3: 6/27-7/31 (5 weeks) – $8,290
  • Session 4: 6/27-7/24 (4 weeks) – $7,190
  • Session 5: 6/27-7/17 (3 weeks) – $6,090
  • Session 6: 6/27-7/10 (2 weeks) – $3,950
  • Session 7: 7/26-8/18 (3+ weeks) – $5,390
  • Session 8: 8/1-8/18 (2+ weeks) $4,350

Camp Pocono Trails offers free airfare to limited guests. The free airfare is for those traveling from West of the Mississippi River and staying longer than 4 weeks. CPT also offers rates for Moms Camp and Family Camp, which can be combined with any of the above sessions.

Pricing at Camp Pocono Trails is all-inclusive, meaning camp activities, housing, and meals are included in the above pricing.


Camp Pocono Trails is a 2-7 week FitStay geared towards kids and teens in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. This FitStay uses physical activities and nutrition management to help kids lose weight. The camp has over 40 different activities and provides 5 scheduled times for activities during the day, as well as campers can use all the facilities in their free time.

Campers and their families looking for a weight loss camp in the north east United States with a wide variety of activities may wish to consider Camp Pocono Trails.

Reviews & Comparisons

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  1. 5
    Kerry Lewis Submission Mar 04, 2020

    Amazing summer camp

    My child has gone 2 years so far and always has a great time learning how to be healthy and has every advantage at this camp. The camp has water sports, every and all of the best fitness classes and equipment, great and exciting and fun trips and delicious food. I honestly cannot say enough. Thank you to ALL the staff and especially for making my child feel so loved and taken care of I also love that the owners live on the grounds all summer as well. Camp Pocono Trails is by far the best camp ever.

  2. 5
    campfamily1 Submission Jan 06, 2020

    Great camp for kids that need life experience

    I have to admit, I was nervous sending my child on a plane to get picked up by camp staff I have never met, to go to a place I have never seen. What if they got lost at the airport? What if they didn't make any friends? What if they hate me for sending them? I sent both my daughters to camp, one who needs to learn healthy habits and the other who just wanted to have fun and support her sister. I must say, I never expected to see a transformation in both of my daughters! They both came back happier, healthier, and ready to face challenges that life presents. My anxiety over sending them away to college is half of what it used to be because of this life experience. Best of all they made friends at camp they still keep up with today, and they both want to attend next summer.

  3. 5
    Dr. Stephen L Submission Nov 17, 2019

    Amazing results!

    We enrolled our 17-year-old son this past summer at Camp Pocono Trails. The results well surpassed our expectations. I would without a doubt recommend the camp to anyone with a child that needs to change their daily routine. Our son also did the Summerland technology track due to excessive video game play. He came back motivated to make a change. It's great to have our happy, outgoing son back. Before Camp Pocono Trails we felt like he was slipping away into an online world and was depressed and having difficulty making friends. This camp was a godsend for our family.

  4. 5
    Florida_Mother_of_3 Submission Nov 15, 2019

    Best experience for my child

    This camp literally saved my child's life. My daughter was depressed, anxious, and not going to school due to bullying. At Camp Pocono Trails she dropped 32 pounds at camp this summer and is a new person. Words can't express how appreciative I am of Camp Pocono Trails!

  5. 1
    Imarandom Submission Jun 27, 2019


    This camp is beautiful in the pictures. But in person it is terrible. My son came to this camp and the conditions of the cabin were disgusting. The boys in his cabin were freezing at night, mice in the cabin, super small bathroom space. When I came and got my son the owner was extremely rude. Never again will I send him to this camp. SAVE YOUR MONEY

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