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About Shane California Weight Loss Camp

Camp Shane was founded in 1968 and is a national chain of weight loss camps. View all Camp Shane locations around the country.

Camp Shane’s California location is located in Thousand Oaks, California, on the grounds of a small school called California Lutheran University (CLU) accommodating children, teens and young adults. The goal of this camp is to provide a fun, safe environment for campers to lose weight. It offers campers a chance to make new lifelong friends, have fun and make lasting lifestyle changes while losing weight.

The camp is about 45 minutes from central Los Angeles and less than 30 minutes from the beach. The camp is open during the summer and is focused weight loss and physical fitness. In 2019, the camp opens June 16 and ends July 28, with the minimum stay being two weeks. The first session runs from June 16-30, the second runs June 30-July 14 and the third runs July 14-28. Tuition is based on number of sessions attended.

Camp Shane California offers six periods of activities daily such as sports, swimming and water exercises, various fitness classes, arts and crafts, paintballing and option cognitive behavioral therapy. There are also group trips and evening activities like pool parties and theatrical events. Sessions are all-inclusive with chef-prepared, healthy meals.


Campers live in CLU dormitories, with each room having two bedrooms, a living room and private bathroom. Each dormitory building has a large common space for campers to gather together. Outside of the dorm buildings, campers have access to professional grade sport facilities, three pools and a state-of-the-art athletic center. All indoor areas at CLU are air-conditioned.


Camp Shane California focuses on providing a wide variety of structured fitness activities that campers can choose from daily. The camp seeks to make exercise enjoyable — not dreaded. The camp incorporates traditional weight loss methods with a relaxed attitude akin to that of California. While the camp provides a long list of different activities, it focuses on swimming, using its three pools for campers to swim laps or just have fun with other campers.


Food is included in the session tuition cost. Campers enjoy three meals and two snacks, with menus accommodating all campers, regardless of dietary constraints or restrictions. Camp Shane makes it a point that their camp is not obsessed with dieting, but rather teaching campers to build a healthy relationship with good, nutritious food.

It’s co-owner, Ziporah Janowski, is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan and applies the principles of serving food that is health supportive, whole, fresh, local, seasonal, real and unprocessed to the Camp Shane menus across the country. Camp Shane California’s menu differs from those at other locations, but primarily includes fresh and local fruits and vegetables. Meals are prepared with little sugar or artificial ingredients, lean proteins, complex carbs and good fats.


In addition to the host of fitness activities Camp Shane California provides, it also offers the following exciting activities:

  • Horseback riding
  • Day trips to locations like Malibu Beach
  • Theater program
  • Cooking classes
  • Evening events like theme nights, dances and talent shows


Camp Shane California is located at:

60 W Olsen Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Located on the grounds of CLU, Camp Shane California is less than 30 minutes away from the beach and 45 minutes away from downtown Los Angeles. Parent pickup and drop-off can be done at the camp or can be done at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

For campers traveling by plane, the preferred arrival and departure time is 1:00 pm but Camp Shane California permits any arrival or departure between 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. If you are a camper traveling from within the United States, Camp Shane California requests that reservations and travel arrangements are made through Tzell Travel Group.

International campers are not required to use Tzell Travel Group, but must contact Camp Shane California prior to booking to ensure travel arrangements are acceptable.


Pricing is dependent upon the number of sessions campers attend. To incentivize longer stays, Camp Shane offers lower weekly pricing for attending multiple sessions.

  • 2 weeks tuition – $1,605 per week, $3,210 total cost
  • 4 weeks tuition – $1,508 per week, $6,030 total cost
  • 6 weeks tuition – $1,393 per week, $8,360 total cost
  • 7 weeks tuition – $1,386 per week, $9,700 total cost


Camp Shane California focuses on making exercise and weight loss fun. In addition to the daily activity periods, Camp Shane California offers group day trips and nighttime activities to encourage campers to make lifelong friends.

Camp Shane California Pros

  • State-of-the-art Accommodations – Camp Shane California is situated on the campus of CLU, where campers have access to air-conditioned, semi-private rooms and state-of-the-art fitness and sports facilities.
  • Focus on Camaraderie – Camp Shane California encourages its campers to focus on bonding with fellow campers and forging lifelong relationships, rather than focusing on losing weight.
  • Ideal Location – Camp Shane California is located only 25 minutes from the beach and 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The camp is located close enough to parks and trails for campers to enjoy the true beauty of California.

Camp Shane California Cons

  • Transportation Not Included – Transportation to Camp Shane California is not included in tuition. If a camper is out-of-state or from another country, airfare is not included in the tuition cost. Travel arrangements must also be cleared with Camp Shane California staff prior to enrolling in sessions.
  • Lack of Opportunities for Parents to Visit – Camp Shane California’s only day for visitors is July 7.

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