Camp Shane Florida – CLOSED

Camp Shane Florida – CLOSED

Weight Loss Camp for Kids

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All Camp Shane locations are closed. Since 1968, Camp Shane has been the nation’s leading chain of weight loss camps for kids. Read more about What Happened to Camp Shane.

About Camp Shane Florida

Camp Shane Florida is located in Melbourne, FL at the Florida Institute of Technology in the southeastern part of the state, and is geared towards kids, teens, and young women (up to age 25). Camp Shane offers summer weight-loss programs that include a regular camp experience with the addition of nutritional education and behavioral therapy. Fun, friendship, and a healthy boost of self-esteem are also points of emphasis.

In terms of nutrition, Camp Shane offers healthy meals that are portion controlled. The facilities include grass playing fields, an aquatic center, several gyms and fitness studios, walking paths, and a river that is fit for kayaking.

On a typical day, campers will have six different periods. These include a variety of sports, fitness classes, nutrition classes, crafts, games, and off-campus trips to the beach or parks. There are also evening leisure activities such as movies, talent shows, pool parties, and other camp favorites. According to the company website, about half of the program revolves around physical activity, and the other half is more creative and academic.

In 2020, Camp Shane Florida will offer three sessions that are each two weeks long. Campers have the option to attend all sessions or get a weekly extensions as desired. Discounts are offered to campers who choose to extend a session or attend multiple sessions.

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Camp Shane Florida is located at the Florida Institute of Technology, which means that the facilities are collegiate-level. This includes intramural, soccer, and baseball fields as well as both multi-lane and recreational pools. Indoor facilities include state-of-the-art fitness centers and basketball courts.

Campers will be staying in FIT’s apartment-style residence halls featuring 2–4 bedrooms per unit with one camper per bedroom. Each camper will share a bathroom and living area with 2–3 other campers and a staff member. Like most college dorms, the bedrooms are small and have single beds and desks.


Camp Shane Florida’s fitness program includes traditional camp activities including swimming, games, and hiking. Even though it’s a weight loss camp, it is by no means a boot camp, and the goal is to make fitness fun. Camp staff uses group activities to motivate campers to participate in a team and push themselves. Fitness activities are highly structured and supervised as part of Camp Shane’s goal is to make sure activities are safe and conducted in a non-threatening environment.


Nutrition is an important aspect of Camp Shane’s method for helping campers achieve weight loss, but “diet foods” are not. The menu at Camp Shane was created by a registered dietitian, personal chef, and nutritionist whose credentials are listed on the company website. Her approach involves creating meals that are tasty as well as healthy with fresh, whole ingredients.

Each meal is made from scratch with lots of protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables without much added sugar or artificial additives. At mealtimes, campers are offered three main course options from which to choose.

An example menu for one breakfast:

  • Fresh fruit, whole wheat pancakes, turkey sausage
  • Fresh fruit, Shane McMuffin (whole wheat muffin, egg, turkey bacon, and low-fat cheese)
  • Fresh fruit cup, granola, and yogurt


  • Chicken avocado orange salad with raspberry dressing
  • French dip sandwich and tossed salad
  • BBQ chicken pizza and cranberry spinach salad


  • Chicken parmesan, garden rotini, and Italian vegetables
  • Chicken with mango salsa, garden rice, and green peas
  • Turkey chili, baked potato, broccoli, cheese sauce, and tossed salad

Each day, campers receive three meals and two healthy snacks. Both vegetarian and kosher menus are available. Most meals are eaten in a dining room setting, but campers may have cookouts as well.


In nutritional education classes, campers are taught how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy meals and snacks and learn which ingredients provide the best nutrition. In cooking class, campers learn several recipes and cooking basics.

The camp program also provides three cognitive behavioral therapy small group sessions for weight loss per week. Each session costs $150, part of which may be reimbursed based on the camper’s health insurance. In cognitive behavioral therapy, campers learn how to manage stress, self-monitor, and change their eating habits.


Camp Shane Florida is on the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida, about one hour southeast of the Orlando Airport. (Transportation to and from the airport is not provided by the program.)

The Indian River is directly east of the Camp Shane facilities and is about a five-minute drive away. Beautiful beaches on the Atlantic Ocean are 15-minutes east of the campus.

Pricing & 2020 Schedule

Camp Shane Florida costs $3,255 for a two-week session. The camp offers three two-week sessions throughout the summer, and campers may choose to stay for one, two, or all three sessions, with discounts available for longer stays:

  • Single session (2 weeks): $3,255
  • Double session (4 weeks): $6,220 (save $290)
  • Triple session (6 weeks): $8,620 (save $1,145)

A weekly extension is available for campers who wish to extend their stay, priced at $1,627 per week.

The all-inclusive price includes all food, activities, and on-campus housing during a camper’s stay. Transportation during the camp is provided, but transportation to and from Camp Shane is not included.

For summer 2020, Camp Shane Florida is open between June 7 and July 19. Specific session dates are as follows:

  • Session 1: June 7 – June 21, 2020
  • Session 2: June 21 – July 5, 2020
  • Session 3: July 5 – July 19, 2020
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Camp Shane Florida may be a good choice for kids or young adults who are in need of a friendly, fun environment to encourage weight loss but are looking for a traditional summer camp experience. Kids, teens, or parents looking for a fitness camp in Florida should consider this Camp Shane location.

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