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About Deerfield Health Retreat

Deerfield Health Retreat & Spa is in the hills of the Pocono mountains in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. The resort offers an extensive range of wellness programs for those looking to get fit, bolster their health, or de-stress.

This FitStay location welcomes adults 18 and older and offers cooking demonstrations; hiking; a food menu with rotating healthy specials, and fitness opportunities ranging from low-impact water aerobics to ballet classes for improving muscle tone and strength.

Deerfield Health Retreat has personal trainers for guests to hire upon request. Deerfield personal trainers work to customize workouts and speed-up weight loss results. There is also a 24-hour sauna, heated outdoor pool and hot tub on-site at the Deerfield Health Retreat.

Deerfield Health Retreat allows guests to book a week-long stay or for a few days, depending on individual fitness needs.


Deerfield Health Retreat is a former Victorian home in the countryside of Deerfield, Pennsylvania. Guests may stay in one of the estate’s 22 rooms, which can accommodate up to 33 people. Daily meals are in the house’s dining room within the main house which overlooks the grounds and patio made of flagstone.

The Deerfield Health Retreat also has ample seating areas throughout the grounds with entertaining items such as movies, puzzles, games, books, and a piano.

Looking to arrange your stay at Deerfield Health Retreat?

Deerfield Health Retreat offers single occupancy rooms, which include:


There is a wide-range of indoor and outdoor fitness opportunities at Deerfield Health Retreat. This FitStay site offers cross-training, ‘sunrise Qi Gong,’ afternoon circuit training, dance classes, and late-night yoga. Deerfield Health Retreat also offers hiking programs with assistance from knowledgeable guides, as well as low-impact water aerobics, Pilates, weight training, volleyball, basketball, tennis, walking, spinning, Zuma and Yo-Wei, an integrated mind-body workout.

Guests at the Deerfield Health Retreat can choose fitness classes that they like and that best suit their needs.

Rancho Cortez


Food at Deerfield Health Retreat is prepared by staff chefs and presented in a daily menu selection ranging from simple items to the more complex.

Examples of food at Deerfield Health Retreat include: spanakopita, baked salmon, chicken Caesar salad, grilled veggie pita, bruschetta omelet, and more.

Aside from regular meals, Guests at Deerfield Health Retreat may also take part in cooking demonstrations where select menu items are prepared.


In addition to its exercise facility, wellness programs, and menu, Deerfield Health Retreat is a comprehensive spa. Guests at this FitStay location can improve skin with Deerfield Retreat’s anti-aging procedures, skincare treatments, wraps, and makeup services. In addition, Deerfield Retreat offers reflexology, massages, body treatments, waxing, and other advanced skin care treatments.


The location of the Deerfield Health Retreat is in the hills of the Pocono mountains in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania—a short drive from the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area.

Surrounded by trees, land, and country roads, Deerfield Health Retreat & Spa is located at 650 Resica Falls Rd. East, Stroudsburg, PA 18302.


Pricing rates for Deerfield Health Retreat vary depending on how many nights a guest wishes to stay. Guests may stay weekly, Friday through Saturday; five nights; three nights; three nights (Friday-Saturday); two nights; and two nights (Friday-Saturday).

There are also group rates available.

A typical weekly stay for rooms at Deerfield Health Retreat ranges from $1,310 for a ‘sunny corners’ double occupancy room, to $1,950 for a single-occupancy ‘ultra-deluxe annex’ room. For those looking to stay only two nights, prices are lowest during the middle of the week, ranging from $490 for a ‘sunny corners’ double occupancy room to $740 for the single-occupancy ‘ultra-deluxe annex’ room.

Pricing at Deerfield Health Retreat depends on room choice and size Those staying weekly may earn a $225 spa credit; for those staying five nights it is a $190 spa credit; and three-night stays receive one 50-minute Swedish massage.


Deerfield Health Resort is a full-range and flexible fitness facility and spa with indoor and outdoor options for adults. Prices are reasonable and stay packages are comprehensive, with two-day to week-long stays available.

Deerfield Health Retreat Pros

Reasonable Pricing – Deerfield Health Retreat is less expensive than many FitStay locations offering similar amenities.

Friendly Staff – Guests note the staff is helpful, positive, and informative, giving guidance, cooking demonstrations and other valuable information daily.

Comfortable Atmosphere – Some say Deerfield Health Retreat is the perfect for those visiting a spa or fitness retreat for their first time, because of its simple country atmosphere and unintimidating staff. This FitStay is clean, sizeable and offers opportunities to take part in exercise with others or sit and relax.

Deerfield Health Retreat Cons

Varying Value – The Deerfield Health Retreat offers a variety of classes which resonate as mediocre among those of higher expertise, as reviewers have expressed the equipment may be older or ‘dated.’

Lower-Scale Setting – Deerfield is not as upscale as other FitStay locations. Several visitors to Deerfield say the stay is more comfortable than chic—depending on the type of environment you seek.

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