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Hippocrates Institutes offers a variety of programs for guests to learn about healthy food choices and begin their journey. The mind, body, spirit approach at Hippocrates Institute was founded around letting the medicine be the food and the food be the medicine. Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, this FitStay has a tropical resort with an on-site spa.

Hippocrates Institute has a 3-week Weight Loss Academy program (HWLA) that is geared towards eating the correct foods so that guests can eat as much food as they want while being physically healthy. During the stay, guests will be coached by nutrition experts, personal trainers, and medical staff to ensure the HWLA is unique to each guest.

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Nestled in West Palm Beach, Florida, HWLA is a resort sitting on a tropical garden. With plants and trees growing in every which way, the resort makes guests feel that they are in their own little world. There are 4 options of accommodations at HWLA: Royal Palm Villa, Poinciana Level, Magnolia Level, and Moringa Level.

The Royal Palm Villa is a fully-furnished townhome that is located attached to the main building of the resort. This allows for quick, easy access to amenities while having private space. The Royal Palm Villa is 2,000 square foot and can be used privately or shared.

The Poinciana and Magnolia Levels are very similar to the Royal Palm Villa, except they are a detached house. These houses are fully furnished, and rooms can be rented privately or shared. The Poinciana has a bathroom attached to every bedroom, whereas the Magnolia has a hostel feel with rooms having designated bathrooms.

The Moringa Level is a dorm-style accommodation. There can be up to 4 beds in one room and can be rented privately or in as a shared space with other guests. The bathrooms are located outside the rooms and the Moringa Level offers the least amount of private space.


At the HWLA, fitness is part of the program but more as a compliment to the nutritional side of the program. There are four hours of physical activity done daily: 2 hours of cardio, 1 hour of strength, and 1 hour of yoga/meditation/stretch. In addition to these group classes, there are two private classes that guests will have per week with a personal trainer.

The fitness courses are done on-site in the resorts gym. There is a day excursion to a local LA Fitness that can be booked in which guests can explore the classes and amenities LA Fitness provides.


Depending on the time of day, the meals vary at HWLA. There is no designated breakfast like there is lunch and dinner. Instead, guests can either eat breakfast off the resort, or drink their daily green juice as their breakfast.

Lunch and dinner at the Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy is buffet style. The buffet is composed of organic, raw foods. The HWLA prides itself on providing nutritional options that will help rejuvenate the body. On Saturday nights there is raw ice cream served as a dessert.

One of the HWLA signatures are their twice daily wheatgrass juice. Wheatgrass juice is the natural medicine at HWLA as it has more nutrients than any raw vegetable.


HWLA is focused on providing long-lasting results that begin in this 3-week program. The results are heavily driven by the foods eaten, so nutritional lectures are intertwined with the program at this FitStay. There are over 30 lectures offered that covers nutrition and all-around healthy living.

Cooking courses are included in this FitStay. This allows guests to have a hands-on experience of how to make similar meals to what they are eating during their stay.

Onsite, HWLA has psychotherapists. These therapists meet with guests 3 times during the FitStay. This allows the guests to get one-on-one assistance with their individual pre-existing medical conditions and discuss options of natural healing.


The HWLA resort sits on 50-acres of tropics in West Palm Beach, Florida. This resort is located near Florida’s Turnpike and Okeechobee Boulevard. This central location is approximately 15 minutes from the Palm Beach International Airport. Hippocrates Institute doesn’t offer transportation to or from the airport, but it is close enough that utilizing a taxi or Uber would not be too expensive.


The Hippocrates Weight Loss Academy has an 8-tier pricing structure. Since all the stays are 3-weeks long, the pricing is dependent on which accommodation is chosen, and if it will be a private or shared accommodation. This 8-tier pricing structure can range from $7,000-$9,000.

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The HWLA resort is located in West Palm Beach and is easily accessible form the Palm Beach International Airport.  Being in the West Palm Beach area, the resort is filled with lush tropical trees and plants.

The Hippocrates Institute’s Weight Loss Academy is great for those who are looking to lose weight through change in diet. The program is not heavily fitness based but is very nutritional based. The Hippocrates Institute believes heavily in homeopathy instead of traditional Western medicine. This 3-week program comes with many lectures in a variety of topics, including cooking courses.

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