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Mii Amo is an upper-scale wellness health spa resort which incorporates Navajo and Native American traditions and teachings into their program, with several personalized and all-inclusive packages available. Some focus on spiritual exploration and mind-body balance, while others are more oriented toward general fitness and nutrition. This FitStay takes a holistic approach to wellness, offering classes ranging from Reiki to Ayurveda.

It is in Boynton Canyon—which is only a fifteen to twenty-minute drive from downtown Sedona, Arizona, and approximately a one-hour drive from the Flagstaff Pullium Airport (FLG), along State Route 89A to Boynton Canyon Road.


Mii Amo houses guests in a secluded section of casitas, or small houses, decorated by cottonwood trees. There are a total of 16 guest rooms and suites, which offer an apt amount of privacy. The property and houses are framed by courtyards, and include a balcony or patio. There are basic amenities, including a telephone, sandals, bathrobe, coffee maker and closets. Casitas are also said to include large bathtubs in spa-like bathrooms.

Casitas, or room, choices, include the following:

  • Guest Room— master bath, fireplace, large tub; available with double queen or king bed; over 450 square feet.
  • Spa Suite— all aspects of Mii Amo Guest Room; living and dining space; king bed; 800 square feet.
  • Luxury Suite— outdoor shower; fireplace; whirlpool; all amenities of previous spa suite; private massage room; king bed; over 1,200 square feet.


There are several fitness options available at Mii Amo, including the following:

  • Private yoga: Costs $165 for 60 minutes. Guests work with yoga instructors to learn based off of their experience level. This session can be booked solo for one-on-one attention, or with a friend.
  • Aqua fitness: Costs $165 for 60 minutes. Guests can work out and strength train with less impact on muscles and joints in a pool. Sessions are also sold individually or as a shared session for two.
  • Exercise physiology: Costs $300 for 90 minutes. Guests are evaluated, which includes recording their resting metabolic rate, exercise habits and history. A plan is then developed to improve wellness and other aspects of fitness, including flexibility and strength. This program’s sessions are suitable for both beginners and those at a more athletic level.
  • Fitness program design: Costs $165 to $245 for 60 to 90 minutes. Guided by certified trainers and experts, this class helps mold a personalized routine garnered at achieving the best fitness results for each guest.
  • The ‘traveler’s’ workout: Costs $165 to $245 for 60 to 90 minutes. This consultation-based program offers techniques for those who are traveling and find it difficult to exercise or eat well while ‘on the road.’
  • Strength training: Costs $165 to $245 for 60 to 90 minutes. This program utilizes standard equipment that are in most gyms and workout centers. It includes instruction on correct use of TRX and machines, as well as cables, dumbbells and kettlebells.

Food, Extras & Location

Food at Mii Amo includes a daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, said to take place in the facility’s own café. It is noted that specialty and alcoholic drinks are not on the menu. Food options vary by choice of packaging and may not come with all options.

Extras include spa amenities and spiritual consultation and guidance throughout classes and other sessions. These may cost extra. Some are included within all-inclusive packaging options. According to this FitStay’s website, a selection of ‘specialty spa services’ are an additional charge as they are not included in some of the standard packaging options

There is also a variety of other classes, including health and wellness classes that last between 60 and 90 minutes, and focus on nutrition and daily food choices; women and using herbal and nutritious sources to improve wellness; how to use sleep as a tool for health; and an ‘Ayurvedic lifestyle consultation,’ which is used to look at behaviors and patterns, using awareness to achieve overall improved well-being.

In addition to these classes, there are a selection of different mindfulness and meditation classes, including breathing exercises and exercises used to reduce stress levels; as well as other spiritually-oriented classes and sessions, such as reiki, as well as, numerology and tarot and palm reading.


Mii Amo pricing rates vary between three, four, and seven-night stays. Three-night stays begin with a Thursday arrival; four-night stays begin with a Sunday arrival; and seven-night stays begin with Thursday or Sunday arrival.

Pricing varies by number of guests and room choice.

For a single guest room, four-day stay, which includes a king or queen bed, it costs around $3,500 per night. For a four-day stay in the spa suite, or the Mii Amo luxury suite, prices increase significantly.


Mii Amo is a health resort located in the dessert of Southwest Arizona, near downtown Sedona, which is about a 40-minute drive from the Flagstaff Pullium Airport (FLG), a smaller commercial airport.

Guests experience Navajo and Native American tradition and healing through a variety of mind-body classes, while also offering several spa services, like stone massage, myofascial, neuromuscular therapy and Swedish and deep-tissue massages.

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