New Life Hiking Spa – CLOSED

New Life Hiking Spa – CLOSED

Hiking-Focused Wellness Retreat

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New Life Hiking Spa is Closed

As of 2020, New Life Hiking Spa has reported that they are closed. A message on Yelp indicates that the cause of the closure is due to Covid, although at this time it has not yet reopened and there are no indications that its return is imminent.

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About New Life Hiking Spa

New Life Hiking Spa is a fitness resort located in the Green Mountains of Vermont at the Killington Mountain Lodge. New Life considers itself a hiking spa, providing a comprehensive program that consists of not only guided hikes, but also wellness education, physical fitness activities, healthy cuisine, spa services and other special interest programming.

New Life Hiking Spa is an all-inclusive resort that offers guests a private room with a private bath, three meals per day with a focus on water-based foods (like fruits and vegetables), fitness and yoga classes, and wellness lectures. The resort also offers one massage for every three-nights of their stay.

New Life Hiking Spa operates from spring through autumn and accommodates up to 40 guests at a time. Options include stays as short as three nights and as long as 21 nights.

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As of 2018, New Life Hiking Spa is headquartered at the Killington Mountain Lodge after operating at a different hotel in Killington for three years. The three-year timespan allowed for renovations to the Killington Mountain Lodge (formerly the Inn of Six Mountains), so guests can benefit from newly renovated rooms as well as other amenities.

All rooms offer private baths, TVs, mini fridges, and free Wi-Fi. Other accommodations include an indoor pool, a 20-person outdoor hot tub, and fire pit.


New Life’s hiking excursions accommodate guests of all fitness levels. Beginner hikers are encouraged to take the Nature Walk, which takes place on flat land or rolling hills, from 2-4 miles in length. The Nature Walk allows people to take in the country settings of Vermont at a more relaxed pace.

Intermediate hikers are encouraged to take the Classic Hike, which takes hikers along the Appalachian and Long Trails. On this hike, New Life provides one guide for every six guests, allowing hikers to feel comfortable while challenging them at the same time.

Skilled hikers are encouraged to take the Advanced Hike, which covers more challenging terrain, at a faster pace than the other two hikes. It is also higher in elevation, taking hikers to some of the highest peaks in the state of Vermont.

Although New Life Hiking Spa focuses its fitness efforts on hiking, it also offers other fitness classes that include water workouts and yoga among other exercises.

Daily Schedule

In the morning, there is a stretching activity followed by breakfast and then either a morning hike or other activity for those who want to take time off from hiking.

Mid-day, New Life provides lunch, followed by a water workout, fitness class, or kayaking excursion. Following that is a strength training class and another outdoor activity. Yoga is right before dinner.

In the evening, dinner is followed by an evening lecture or activity and then an optional massage.


New Life Hiking Spa focuses on water-based foods (fruits and vegetables) and tries to serve locally raised products as often as possible. Three meals are included in the all-inclusive rate. According to traveler reviews, guests do not get to choose off of a menu, and everyone is offered the same meal regardless of their unique goals and calorie restrictions.


New Life Hiking Spa offers an indoor pool and a large, 20-person hot tub with nearby fire pit. The hotel it is headquartered at also offers a pub-style restaurant that is open to the public, however, this could be a drawback for someone trying to lose weight.


The New Life Hiking Spa program is located in Killington, Vermont at the Killington Mountain Lodge. Guests of the resort can arrive by plane, bus, train, or car.

Air travelers may arrive in Rutland, Burlington, or Albany, and take a shuttle to Killington. Car travelers can use the resort’s free parking, but should be advised that GPS does not always work in that area of Vermont.


The basic nightly rate at New Life Hiking Spa is $279, or $259 per-person for a double-occupancy room. Longer stays will receive additional per-night discounts. Although the resort is considered all-inclusive, there is a 15% amenity charge for the hiking and spa portions of the stay. For the room and meals, there is a 10% Vermont Room & Meals tax.

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New Life Hiking Spa focuses on hiking and uses its location in the mountains of Vermont to fill that purpose. Although the meals are somewhat limited, guests enjoy the guided hikes and massages while eating healthy and focusing on relaxation when not hiking. Travelers looking for a hiking-focused FitStay in a mountain setting may wish to consider New Life.

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