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About Ojo Santa Fe Spa & Resort

Ojo Santa Fe is a luxury spa resort in which stays can be purchased as all-inclusive or à la carte. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Ojo Santa Fe sees sunshine 320 days of the year.

This FitStay is centered around relaxation and rejuvenation. There are fitness activities that are optional, but not required. The resort offers classes free of charge that stem from a wide range activates, such as art, meditation, horticulture, and more.

Ojo Santa Fe was formerly known as Sunrise Springs Spa Resort


The Ojo Santa Fe Spa & Resort has two options for accommodations: Casitas and Garden View rooms. Both types of accommodations are spacious and come with an attached full bath. Amenities include:

  • Robe
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Hairdryer
  • Free WiFi
  • Microwave (optional upon request)

Ojo Santa Fe desires to provide the finest relaxation, so black out curtains are provided and there are no televisions in the rooms.

The Casitas and Garden View rooms vary slightly. There are 20 Casitas located on the property and they come furnished with a king size bed and gas fireplace. Some Casitas have a neighboring room that has a separate entrance and full-sized bed.

There are 32 Garden View rooms located at Ojo Santa Fe and include a patio or balcony. The bed arrangement can be either two full-size beds or one queen size bed.


The Ojo Santa Fe Spa & Resort has an optional fitness center and fitness classes. Since this FitStay is a relaxational spa and resort, the fitness classes offered are heavily focus on yoga and meditation. Out of the 13 classes offered, 8 are yoga- or meditation-based.

Private fitness sessions are available with fitness instructors with an additional fee. This is a good option for those who feel their weight loss needs may not be filled by the classes offered.


Food at the restaurant at Ojo Santa Fe, The Blue Heron, is sourced from local farmers. The Blue Heron offers breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week. (On Sundays only brunch is offered.) There is also a private dining area for if there are parties or corporate events. Meals are included in the Ojo Santa Fe all-inclusive plan; if the à la carte payment option is chosen, then the meals will be purchased separately.

Calorie counts are not limited at The Blue Heron, so guests looking for a weight loss-focused FitStay will have to self-regulate during meal time.


At the Ojo Santa Fe, there is a salt-water pool open April through October. This pool is the size of a junior Olympic pool and is open for all guests.

The Ojo Santa Fe Resort aims to provide an all-encompassing body and mind experience.  Therefore, this FitStay provides 71 different activity classes that guests can join. There is a weekly calendar that guests will receive with the schedule of classes they can join. These classes include animal interactions, culinary, expressive arts, fitness, yoga, health, horticulture, meditation, and nature.

Ojo Santa Fe has a spa on-site, adding extra amenities to relaxation. The spa is not part of the all-inclusive plan, and the services will be charged separately.

As part of the spa, Ojo Santa Fe offers a sweat lodge with four phases representing sweating through the four seasons. This sweat lodge is an additional $65 and requires advanced sign-up.


Ojo Resort is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the edge of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Despite the desert land that surrounds it, there are natural springs flowing near the resort. Due to being in the mountains of New Mexico, the sun shines 320 day out of the year.

The Santa Fe Airport is located ten minutes from this resort. The larger airport, Albuquerque International Airport is located an hour from the resort. Transportation from the airport to the resort can be arranged at the time of booking your stay at Ojo Santa Fe.


Ojo Santa Fe offers room options starting at around $325 per night. Spa, meal, and other activity options may incur additional fees, as the standard package at Ojo Santa Fe is not all-inclusive.


The Ojo Santa Fe is a luxurious spa resort located in the mountains of Santa Fe, with options for all-inclusive or à la carte travelers. Either stay that is picked will include free access to the 71 classes in a variety of subjects.

Visitors looking for a luxury FitStay with lots of exercise class options should consider Ojo Santa Fe.

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