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Premier Fitness Camp (PFC) Omni La Cost is located in Carlsbad, California, just outside San Diego. With 400 acres of land, there are a variety of actives that can be done indoors and outdoors. The weight loss program at PFC is driven by their Think. Eat. Move motto. The motto is used not only as a saying but as their comprehensive three-step approach to losing weight long-term. The three-step approach includes: behavior change, nutrition guidance, and low-impact cardio.

Think. Eat. Move. is seen throughout daily activities as guests start their days at 6:00 am and end around 5:00pm. Throughout the day there are nutrition courses, meals, snacks, and physical activity.

Premier Fitness Camp has a variety of options for the length of stay. The length of stay is in one-week intervals. Beginning at one week, up to over four weeks. Upon leaving the resort, there is 12 weeks of accountability to help ensure long-term weight loss for any stay above one week.


There are over 600 guest rooms at this FitStay, and guests can choose from 7 different room types. Guest rooms are within walking distance of the dining areas, spa, and pool. The rooms are spacious and have an on-suite bathroom with a separate tub and shower. Each room has French doors that lead to a balcony. Depending on what side of the building the guest stays on, the view can be of other parts of the resort or the highway.

The guest rooms come with high speed internet, a TV, bath care products. After 10:30 pm, only guests can enter their designated elevator and rooms. This rule is in place to ensure that guests are able to get the rest they desire.


Upon arrival, Premier Fitness Camp will perform comprehensive fitness exams on all camp members. This exam measures blood pressure, body fat, cholesterol, body fat, and overall physical condition. This exam is used to determine if the individual members have any physical limitation or will need modification for the fitness activities.

No matter the length of stay at PFC, there is 5 hours of intense fitness activity. The fitness activities are not consecutive, but separated by meals, snacks or smoothie breaks. Since this FitStay is in San Diego, the fitness activities that are done are both indoor and outdoor. Those activities include:

  • Weight Training
  • Trail Hiking
  • Bicycle Riding Outdoors
  • Kayaking
  • Zumba
  • Yoga Outdoors
  • Resistance Training
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • Interval Training

Rancho Cortez


Premier Fitness Camp believes 70% of weight loss is from nutrition. Therefore, PFC provides gourmet meals that are calorie controlled. These meals are created specifically for this FitStay by a dietary nutritionist, Jessica Janc, and chef, Jason Kieffer.  The guests can leave the resort with recipes that coincide with meals they have experienced during their stay.

There are 6 restaurants located on this resort: Bob’s Steak and Chop House, Vue, Diversions, Marketplace, Spa Café, and Splash Café. In addition to the restaurants, room service is available as well. Dining is not included in the pricing and each meal must be purchased separately.

The chefs can accommodate for vegetarians and vegans, and provide kosher meals upon request.


PFC believes in long-term results and change. Therefore, nutrition, fitness and behavioral health lectures are included in every stay. There are ten lectures per week, so the longer the stay the more courses attended. Included in these courses are hands on experience cooking meals that guests have learned about in the nutrition courses.

Premier Fitness Camp recognizes that being away from home for weeks at a time can be difficult with a pet. Therefore, PFC has a dog policy which will allow a dog to be brought to the premises for a $50 fee per stay and a $150 cleaning fee. The dog must be under 25 lbs. and stay near the owner on a leash at all times.

During the stay, guests can use all the facilities that are available, such as 2 championship golf courses, 17 tennis courts and 8 pools. The pools have designated family-friendly areas in which kids are allowed, and adult-only areas.

The number one rated wellness spa is located on the resort of this FitStay. There are an array of spa packages and treatments available. Spa treatments and packages are not included but can be purchased separately. The spa is also a full charge salon, allowing guests to purchase nail and hair packages. 

Parking is available for an extra charge. Self-parking is $24 per night and valet parking is $34 per night.


Located in La Costa, San Diego, Premier Fitness Camp sits on 400-acres of land and resort. The resort is less than a 15 minute drive to South Ponto Beach on the Pacific Ocean, and a 30 minute drive from the San Diego airport.


The pricing of PFC is dependent upon how long you stay at the resort.


The Premier Fitness Camp provides an individualized option to a weight loss camp – customizing workouts tailored to a comprehensive fitness exam administered the first day of camp. This luxurious resort allows a guest to stay a minimum of one week, and can increase the stay in weekly intervals. This resort provides many amenities, but is not all-inclusive. Therefore, when considering the price of the stay, one must figure in spending extra on meals and the spa.

PFC Pros

  • Ability to bring small dogs – Rarely are resorts dog-friendly. Although PFC limits the size of the dog and there is an additional cost, having the option to bring a dog is a big plus.
  • Nutrition and behavioral courses – Fitness activities are great, but having hands-on courses coupled with behavior courses give this FitStay a well-rounded approach.
  • Close to airport – The resort is within 30 minutes of the San Diego airport, which makes taking an Uber or taxi easily accessible.
  • Outdoor activities – Being located in Southern California means the weather is great, allowing for many outdoor activities. The outdoor activities included in the fitness program are hiking, kayaking and yoga. Although outside of the daily activities, golf courses and tennis courts are available.

PFC Cons

  • Not all-inclusive – The resort is not all-inclusive so buying food and drinks can become expensive.
  • Guest room balconies – the guest room balconies have different views. While some face towards the golf course or pools, others face towards the highway. The highway-facing balcony can be noisy and not feel private.
  • Family friendly – Being family friendly can either be a pro or a con. For this FitStay, it is seen as a con because there have been many complaints about children being noisy. There are other programs besides the weight loss program that bring families in, but having those programs overlap with the duration of the weight loss program bring many children to the resort.

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