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Retreat for Mind, Body, & Soul

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“Retreat for Mind, Body, And Soul”

The Tennessee Fitness Spa is an all-inclusive fitness program offering 6-8 hours of classes per day in a well-equipped facility located just eight miles outside of Waynesboro.

Tennessee Fitness Spa was founded in February of 1991 by Joe and Nancy Shaw who had purchased the property just a year before. The spa is located on the land previously known as The Scenic Natural Bridge Tourist Resort and still boasts the natural attractions and trails that continue to make this a visitor destination for both spa guests and sightseers alike.

Guests are provided with numerous classes, healthy meals, and the basic amenities needed to make a comfortable stay.

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The Tennessee Fitness Spa can serve up to 58 guests per week in both its R.V. park and built-in lodging. Guests can choose between a wide variety of single, double, and more largely shared living spaces (some pet friendly options as well). All rooms include wireless internet and daily housekeeping.

The largest room on campus, Chalet #6 holds three beds, contains a fully-equipped kitchen, washer/dryer, and television.


Guests of The Tennessee Fitness Spa can attend up to 8 hours of fitness classes per day for six days a week. Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and are designed for participants of all levels.

A full schedule of classes is provided to attendees. The classes range from simple walking and stretching exercises to weight training and restorative yoga. Participants can attend as many classes as they like during each day.

The Tennessee Fitness Spa provides many facilities to its guests and utilizes them in their daily classes/training as well. Guests will be provided with:

  • 5,000 square foot and fully equipped gymnasium
  • Heated indoor pool (60 feet by 30 feet)
  • Individual fitness classrooms
  • Cycling room
  • Racquetball courts with viewing areas
  • Hot tub with sun deck
  • Sauna
  • Massage rooms
  • Hiking trails and gardens
  • 850 square foot cardiovascular area
  • 1,750 square foot weight room with Pacific Fitness and Pro-Maxima Strength Training equipment

All Tennessee Fitness Spa facilities are open to guests twenty-four hours a day.


Tennessee Fitness Spa provides its guests with healthy meals throughout each day of their stay in both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Those attending can choose between standard, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Each meal is purposefully prepared with low calorie content, minimal fat, and high nutrition. Medical and dietary restrictions, such as food allergies, can be accommodated with reasonable notice.

The Tennessee Fitness Spa also offers cooking lectures and recipes. Guests are encouraged to take the fundamentals in food nutrition they find back to their daily lives. Weekly menus are pre-made and able to be viewed online.


The InBody assessment tool is a complimentary service provided bi-weekly to guests to help them gain a better understanding of their body composition and training/nutrition needs.

Personal trainers are available to guests for an extra charge of $60.00 an hour or $35.00 per half hour.

Guests of the Tennessee Fitness Spa are able to choose from a broad-range of evening activities including:

  • Zumba
  • Karaoke
  • Weekend movie-nights
  • Arts and crafts
  • Self defense courses
  • On-campus beauty salon
  • Hiking trails (open to the public on Sundays)


The Tennessee Fitness Spa is found on 48 Creek just eight miles outside of Waynesboro, or ninety-five miles SouthWest of Nashville. The land has been privately owned since 1933 and sits on the historic property of The Scenic Natural Bridge Tourist Resort.

Guests can take a Sunday-only shuttle to/from the Nashville International Airport for a $105 round-trip fee payable to the Tennessee Fitness Spa.


Private rooms start at $1,759 per week or $305 per night with a two-night minimum. Savings can be made when booking double and quad-rooms, or by staying in the R.V. park. Lodging off campus runs a rate of $964 per week for which transportation is not provided.

Rates include accommodations, meals, and the fitness program at Tennessee Fitness Spa.

Seasonal, off-campus, R.V., and periodical discounts can be found online and are subject to change.

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The Tennessee Fitness Spa doesn’t stop at simply providing a standard, week-long training program. Guests are provided with a broad range of classes, activities, trainers, and eating options. Its location in the mountains of Tennessee make it a naturally beauty of a resort. Its twenty-four hour facilities accommodate all guests at all times with every type of need.

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