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About The Ashram California

The Ashram California is an all-inclusive fitness resort located in Calabasas, California that focuses on improving guests’ mental, emotional, and physical health.

The Ashram’s program is limited to twelve guests at a time, and to foster an ideology of closeness, all twelve guests will share a house, the same table for meals, and the same fitness tracks. While The Ashram’s main goal is to transform guests in mind, body and spirit, the resort also encourages guests to build lasting relationships with one another as they navigate their weeklong stay together.

The Ashram California offers week-long stays throughout the year, changing the program’s structure only to accommodate weather. The program is open to adults, and also offers onsite yoga, massage, and relaxation services.

Structure House


Guests visiting The Ashram share a two-story house with 11 other resort guests. Bedroom options include private rooms that are given on a first come, first served basis, and double occupancy rooms. Both accommodation options include shared bathroom facilities.

The Ashram also has a full-sized living room with a fireplace, as well as an outdoor patio with a pool and hot tub. Private massages are offered in onsite cottages.

Though guests are encouraged to unplug for their weeklong stay at The Ashram, the resort does offer free WiFi.


The simple fitness program at the resort includes yoga in The Ashram’s Geodesic Yoga Dome, invigorating hikes in the mountains, and fitness courses centered on aligning the mind, body, and spirit.

Exercise classes include pool volleyball, strength training, functional movement, and more. The fitness regimen at The Ashram also includes nightly sports massages and lectures on breath work, meditation, and body/mind discussions.

After a week’s stay at The Ashram, guests will have hiked over 70 miles in Southern California, and will have learned to have a stronger, healthier, more educated relationship with their bodies and minds.


The Ashram California’s nutrition plan is a structured regimen focused on an organic plant-based diet. As opposed to counting calories, guests are encouraged to focus on building a better relationship with healthy food. Meals are served at a long wooden table with all 12 guests, in order to foster a close-knit, friendly environment between staff and visitors.

A large portion of the food served at The Ashram is grown in their own on-site organic garden. Guests are encouraged to visit the garden during their stay to learn about sustainable living and growing different types of fruits and vegetables.

The weekly nutrition plan is completely structured by the resort’s nutritional experts and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Meals during a typical day include foods such as egg white tacos with plant sprout tortillas, brown rice rolls with beet salad, flax-seed crackers with almond butter and berries, grains, kale and arugula. Nutrition plans at The Ashram may be changed upon request to accommodate allergies or restricted diets.

Before visiting The Ashram, the resort asks that guests refrain from caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, sugars, and/or drug consumption for at least two weeks prior to their stay, in order to detox their bodies so they can get the most from their time in the program.

All food costs are included within the price of a stay.


The Ashram California is tucked in the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas, California, only 20 miles from Malibu and the Pacific Coast.

As cars are not permitted at The Ashram, most guests fly into the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) and utilize the provided complimentary transportation to get from the airport to the resort.


The Ashram California provides a 7-day, all-inclusive wellness experience to guests for $6,300. This cost includes lodging, food, fitness courses, transportation to and from the airport, massage, yoga classes, facility fees, and all gratuities.

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The Ashram California is a small weight loss resort promoting guests’ overall health in mind, body and spirit. With daily 8-10 mile hikes, yoga and fitness classes, as well as a structured plant-based nutrition regimen, The Ashram encourages guests to rebuild their relationship with their minds and bodies and the way they eat and exercise.

The Ashram is an intense FitStay that hopes to foster close relationships between visitors and gives guests the tools to improve their lifestyle upon returning home. Guests looking for an exercise-heavy FitStay that don’t mind the price may wish to put The Ashram on their list.

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