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Bald Head Island Center for Wellness

About Bald Head Island Center for Wellness

Bald Head Island is a wellness center offers wellness retreats that happen certain times throughout the year.

In 2018, there is a five-day wellness retreat May 11th through May 16th. There is also a Briday BLISS Fitness Camp, ‘Beat the Sugar Blues’ Detox Program, and 2018 ‘Eco-Friendly’ Wellness Program, at different times.

Wellness retreats at Bald Head Island, an area of land of the east-coast of North Carolina, focus on teaching healthy tips for long-term benefits. Each wellness retreat is confined to a small number of individuals, with attendance kept to 10 members or fewer. Nutrition plans and exercise routines are tailored to each guest, as they focus on individualized attention.

Since Bald Head is located on an island, guests must take a 20-minute ride in a ferry across Cape Fear to reach Bald Head Island. Wilmington International Airport is the closest commercial airport to Bald Head Island.

Accommodations, Fitness, Food, Extras & Location

This FitStay offers five-night stay accommodations for the various lengths of retreats. Rooms include a private bathroom and bedroom.

The wellness center offers individual and group exercise options. Some programs, such as the ‘beat the sugar blues’ detox program, may not include an exercise program at all.

Food is provided throughout the retreats, which includes two snacks and three meals each day prepared by a gourmet chef.

The bridal bliss fitness camp program is for women who would like to get fit before a wedding. This is for women only and offers nutrition workshops, as well as behavioral workshops; cooing classes and group exercising classes. This program also allows participants to hike nearby trails and explore surrounding creeks and beaches.


Pricing at Bald Head depends on the program. Discounts are available on select programs for those who register early.

The eco-friendly program, a three-day retreat aimed at exploring the natural beauty of Bald Head while learning how to explore a healthier, more eco-conscious lifestyle, costs $799 for a three-day stay and $440 for a two-night stay.

The beat the blues detox program costs $799 for a three-day stay, and $440 for a two-night stay; the bridal bliss program also listed the same rates.

The upcoming wellness retreat costs $1,799 for six days, and $900 for five nights.


Different retreats and programs are hosted by the Bald Head Wellness Center throughout the year, with each program focusing on something different. There is a program focused on general wellness, held from May 11th until May 16th this year, and there is a weekend wellness program for brides-to-be called the bridal bliss fitness camp. There is also a ‘beat the sugar blues’ detox program and 2018 weekend wellness program focused on ‘eco-friendly’ practices.

Bald Head Wellness Center Pros

  • Program diversity – This resort offers a selection of retreats targeted at certain subjects which change often.
  • Less expensive – It is a less expensive option for those unable to afford other traditional or high-scaled FitStays.

Bald Head Wellness Center Cons

  • Limited stays – Stay lengths at this FitStay are limited to shorter three to five-day spans, as opposed to weekly options.
  • Focused groups – Groups are smaller and focused, which may limit availability.

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