Camp Shane New York & Connecticut – CLOSED

Camp Shane New York & Connecticut – CLOSED

New York Area Kids Camp

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All Camp Shane locations are closed. Since 1968, Camp Shane has been the nation’s leading chain of weight loss camps for kids. Read more about What Happened to Camp Shane.

About Shane Weight Loss Camp in Connecticut (New York Area)

Camp Shane Connecticut is for boys aged 7-19 and girls aged 7-17 in Pomfret, Connecticut. The main focus of this camp is to make weight loss for overweight children and teens manageable, fun, and sustainable during their three- to nine-week stay.

The program at Camp Shane Connecticut is divided into three three-week sessions, of which parents may choose to send their child or teen to one, two, or all three. During these sessions, campers participate in both indoor and outdoor activities, partake in nutritional cuisine prepared by on-site chefs and guided by a registered dietitian, and enjoy activities such as arts and crafts, social events, theater performances, and more.

Note that Camp Shane Connecticut serves the New York area, and replaces the previous Camp Shane location in Ferndale, New York.

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Camp Shane Connecticut is housed at The Rectory Boarding School in Pomfret, CT. Campers stay on-campus at The Rectory in dorms, which are modern and air conditioned. During the summer, Camp Shane is the only sleepaway camp on-premises. Adult counselors sleep in the same cabins/dorms as campers to ensure 24/7 adult supervision and camper safety.


Camp Shane Connecticut offers a variety of activities to make weight loss fun and accessible to children, youth, and teens. The camp offers the use of a wide range of indoor and outdoor facilities including an indoor gym, outdoor lake, sports fields, and more. Some of the physical activities they offer include:

  • Lake Swimming, Jet Skiing, and Tubing
  • Sports (tennis, softball, soccer, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball)
  • Spin Classes
  • Dance Classes
  • Cardio Circuit
  • Boxing
  • Zumba
  • Weight Training
  • Water Aerobics
  • Paintball
  • Off-Road Dune Buggy Course
  • Mountain Biking
  • Hiking Trails

Every day at Camp Shane, campers will have the option to participate in a variety of the above exercise activities, and more.


Camp Shane Connecticut offers a healthy cuisine and nutritional education programs to help campers both to lose weight and keep the weight off after their stay. The camp has an on-site registered dietitian who guides the daily food production and service, as well as educates campers on the benefits and importance of eating healthy.

Campers are served three meals and two snacks daily. The camp’s menu includes primarily fresh fruits and vegetables and meals cooked from scratch with minimal sugar and artificial ingredients. These meals include high amounts of lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats to keep campers satisfied while helping them to lose weight. The camp can also accommodate vegetarian diets, kosher diets, and campers with food allergies.

After each camper’s stay, his or her parents are provided a copy of the “Camp Shane at Home Booklet,” which offers valuable information on nutrition, cooking, and fitness with the intention of helping parents to help their children keep weight off after they depart from the camp.


In addition to their various fitness activities and nutritious cuisine, Camp Shane Connecticut offers several extra activities to keep campers engaged and excited during their stay. Some of these activities include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Auction Night
  • Talent/Fashion Shows
  • Camp Fire
  • Go-Karting
  • Scuba-Diving
  • Video Games

Because of the camp’s proximity to major cities on the east coast, campers also have the opportunity to go on trips to the New York Mountain Creek Waterpark, Philadelphia, New York City, Washington DC, and Six Flags at an additional cost.

Camp Shane New York also offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) services conducted by Camp Shane’s supervising clinician aimed to help campers overcome the mental and behavioral barriers to forming healthier living and eating habits. This service is completely optional and is covered by insurance with a co-pay of $15 per week.


Camp Shane Connecticut is located in Pomfret, CT at the private Rectory School of Pomfret. The camp is roughly 3 hours from New York City, 1.25 hours from Boston, and 50 minutes from both Hartford, CT to the west and Providence, RI to the east. Campers arriving via airplane will likely fly into one of those larger cities; in most cases, transportation to the camp is not provided by Camp Shane, but there are bus pick-up and drop-off points at three locations:

  • Manhasset, NY
    Fort Lee, NJ
    Boston Logan Airport, MA

The Rectory School campus is located within the Last Green Valley National Heritage Corridor, a national heritage area in northeastern Connecticut and portions of Massachusetts. This area has classic New England scenery, including rolling hills and rural farmland.

Pricing & 2020 Schedule

Camp Shane Connecticut costs $4,450 for a three-week session. The camp offers multiple session options throughout the summer, and campers may choose to stay for three, six, or nine weeks, with discounts available for longer stays. For summer 2020, Camp Shane Connecticut is open between June 17 and August 15. Specific session dates and rates are as follows:

  • Session 1 (3 weeks): June 17 – July 6, 2020 – $4,450
  • Session 2 (6 weeks): June 17 – July 27, 2020 – $7,725
  • Session 3 (9 weeks): June 17 – August 15, 2020 – $10,350
  • Session 4 (6 weeks): July 6 – August 15, 2020 – $7,725
  • Session 5 (3 weeks): July 27 – August 15, 2020 – $4,450

A weekly extension is available for campers who wish to extend their stay, priced at $1,480 per week.

The all-inclusive price includes all food, activities, and on-campus housing during a camper’s stay. Transportation during the camp is provided, but transportation to and from Camp Shane is not included, outside of the three pick-up/drop-off areas listed above.

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Camp Shane Connecticut is designed for kids and teens looking to lose weight in a fun and sustainable fashion. Parents and campers looking for a New England weight loss camp with 3- to 9-week options may wish to consider Camp Shane Connecticut.

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