Fit By the Sea – CLOSED

Fit By the Sea – CLOSED

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2020 Update: Fit By the Sea is now closed.

About Fit by the Sea

Fit by the Sea is an all-inclusive weight loss resort in San Diego, California, exclusively for adult women. Fit by the Sea offers one- to four-week-long sessions tailored to women’s fitness and weight loss goals. The program typically begins on Sundays and ends on Saturdays, but the resort can accommodate different scheduling needs.

This FitStay offer structured, balanced meals, a range of fitness classes, and other healthy activities women may learn at the resort to replicate at home. The resort also has one-on-one nutrition classes, health coaching, and culinary classes where guests can make their own meals.

Fit by the Sea is a simple program with realistic exercise options, including frequent walks along the nearby Pacific beaches. The resort has private accommodations and smaller group settings for women who would like to focus on getting fit while integrating a vacation-like setting.

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At the beginning of the program, guests take part in a fitness evaluation and review their weight loss goals. They then can work with a one-on-one personal trainer as-needed for up to five times per week for customized workouts designed around those specific goals.

Outside of the personal training sessions, Fit by the Sea offers a structured day of exercise, nutrition, and learning. A typical day at begins with a beach walk at 6:30 a.m., followed by breakfast at 8:00. Following breakfast, there is another exercise class, typically related to walking or a similarly paced activity. After lunch, the schedule offers culinary classes and one-on-one nutrition and personal training sessions.

Most fitness activities take place on the Pacific beaches in San Diego, or at local parks near the resort.


Meals at Fit by the Sea are designed to be nutritionally balanced with a focus on portion sizes. Chefs at the resort aim to cut out processed foods while promoting healthier fresh selections.

Fit by the Sea offers nutrition classes which also promote healthy decision-making when at the grocery store or eating out at a restaurant. There are also hands-on culinary classes that allow guests to prepare their own meals.


Fit by the Sea is located in the Grantville region of San Diego, California, near the intersections of Interstates 8 and 15, and not far from San Diego State University. Despite being called “Fit by the Sea”, the closest Pacific beach is Ocean Beach, a 20 minute drive from the resort.

The resort is about 20 minutes away from the San Diego International Airport, and Fit by the Sea offers complimentary transportation to and from the airport before and after your stay. For guests arriving by train, Fit by the Sea is 15 minutes from the San Diego – Santa Fe Train Depot, and the resort provides complimentary transportation to and from here as well.

In addition, all transportation during your stay will be provided by the program, so no rental car is needed.


The pricing of Fit by the Sea varies depending on the length of stay.

Pricing for a one-week stay costs $3,250, while a four-week stay is priced at $2,925 per week. Additional discounts may be available for guests booking their stay as a couple or group, or for returning clients looking to come back to the resort for a refresher.

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Fit by the Sea is an all-inclusive San Diego weight loss program catered specifically to women. Guests looking for a one- to four-week FitStay in a supportive, female-only environment, or those just looking for a healthy vacation with a mother, sister, daughter, or friend may wish to consider Fit by the Sea.

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