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Fit Farm in Nashville, Tennessee is an upbeat and intense weight loss center and boot camp that also incorporates general wellness. The program can essentially be broken down to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3, which determine the activities you participate in on a given day.

Fit Farm caters to everyone in the community and beyond with specific programs for musicians, military personnel, brides-to-be, and other groups. There is no limit on the length of stay, which can range from 4 days to six weeks or more.

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Fit Farm has on-site accommodations in the form of cabins. Options include a shared room, a single room, an executive single, and a suite. All cabins have WiFi, a microwave, TV, alarm clock, water & tea, laundry facilities, refrigerator, USB ports, and a hair dryer, among other amenities. The cabins are centrally located near the pool, the main training facility (the Whippy Barn), and the main cabin.

The main cabin is Fit Farm’s large common area also known as Lodge Life. Lodge Life has drink and water stations, an executive center, and a general store with mail delivery.


Fit Farmers are assessed for their fitness level on a daily basis. The fitness level (1, 2, or 3) helps establish long-term goals, general progress, and day-to-day activities at Fit Farm.

There are 12 different fitness and training zones on campus. Within these zones, participants have various sessions in:

  • Boxing
  • Resistance training
  • TRX suspension
  • Tabata
  • Yoga
  • Spin

The pride and joy of Fit Farm’s fitness facilities is The Whippy Barn. The Whippy Barn is where many fitness classes take place, especially the boot camp sessions. It is 20,000 square feet comprised of many different workout stations.

The Whippy Trail is a mile-long loop that runs around the entire complex. Every day, everyone who is staying at Fit Farm completes the loop as part of the program.


Fit Farm focuses on educating its Farmers on creating a lasting diet instead of a crash diet. Meals served at Fit Farm are hearty but healthy with an emphasis on quality. Food comes from local providers in Tennessee. Examples of food that is typically served are cheeseburgers, frittatas, and grilled tilapia.

Learning sessions during the program teach you how to use food as a way to fuel your body. Courses also go over reading food labels, buying groceries, and how to eat out. Fit Farm Kitchen Labs show how to recreate meals at home.

On the premises is the Farm-To-Table Fit Farm Garden where foods are grown that are used in Fit Farm dishes and also where gardening workshops are held. Every Saturday afternoon there is the Meat N’ Greet BBQ. Vegetarian options are also available.


The Fit Farm campus has many extra activities open to all Fit Farmers. Facilities include a pool, basketball courts, a football field, and a Frisbee golf course. Other on-site extra activities included in Lodge Life are:

  • Fishing in The Pond
  • Use of paddle boats
  • Movie theater
  • Billiards table
  • Library
  • Gardening

On off days, Farmers are free to leave Fit Farm to explore the surrounding area. Popular outings include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Hiking
  • Climbing
  • Kayaking
  • Paintball

For these, a driver is available at an extra cost and is organized by you. Car rental is also an option.

Fit Farm offers a daily free shuttle for more recreational activities, such as shopping. Saturdays and Sundays are reserved for airport pick-ups and drop-offs.

Other extras that have the option to be purchased in mix-and-match sessions are massages, personal training, nutritionist, or life coaching services.

Extra courses include:

  • Scuba
  • CPR
  • Cooking
  • Vision Boarding
  • Leadership
  • Self Defense


Fit Farm is set on 160 acres 45 minutes outside of Nashville in Castalian Springs, Tennessee. The twelve training areas have a combined span of 80,000 square feet.

Travelers usually choose to fly into Nashville International Airport and make use of the complimentary shuttle to Fit Farm. There is also a private airport in nearby Gallatin.

2023 Pricing

Prices of programs depend on length of stay and room choice. The longer you stay, the less you pay per week. A shared room for one week starts at $2,569 for the Fitness Program, and $2,814 for the Weight Loss Program. Price-per-week increases with non-shared and executive/suite rooms, while price-per-week decreases for stays beyond 3 weeks. There are special rates and promotions available for alumni, locals, families, and military.

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Fit Farm makes sure that every minute counts during each Farmers stay. They use a data-driven approach to their health and fitness program. Fit Farm is about weight loss and creating new habits. Fitness, nutrition, and wellness are the 3 pillars of Fit Farm.

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