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About LifeStyle Fitness Camp

LifeStyle Fitness Camp is a small, highly personalized fitness and nutrition weight loss camp in St. George, Utah. By limiting participation to six guests at a time, owners Jen and Chad help participants through hands-on education about fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. LifeStyle Fitness recommends a four-week stay to maximize results, but will accept a minimum of one-week guests.


Guests at LifeStyle Fitness Camp stay in a close-knit environment with other participants. While guest bedrooms are private, many activities (including meal preparation and dining) take place with other camp guests. Guests traveling in pairs can also visit LifeStyle Fitness with a shared-room rate. The camp offers cable television and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.


LifeStyle Fitness Camp offers a variety of weight-loss fitness options. Owners and trainers Jen and Chad customize fitness plans for each guest, but typically offer hiking and exercise classes. Hikes take place at nearby Snow Canyon State Park, or sometimes longer hiking trips to Zion National Park roughly an hour from St. George.

Some exercise classes include:

  • Boot camp classes
  • Pool classes
  • Yoga and pilates
  • Zumba and ballroom dance
  • Spinning
  • Barre
  • TRX

LifeStyle Fitness Camp also offers a “Golf Fit” program, which includes much of the standard LifeStyle program with the addition of golf training, range time, and 18-weekly holes of golfing. Some nearby courses include Sand Hollow Golf Course, Coral Canyon Golf Course, Sky Mountain Golf Course, and The Ledges Golf Course.

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While LifeStyle Fitness Camp is an all-inclusive weight-loss camp, food is not prepared for you; in order to help prepare for post-camp life, LifeStyle lets guests plan for, shop for, and prepare each meal as part of the group. Three meals a day are included, as well as healthy snacks as needed.


LifeStyle Fitness Camp offers health tests at the beginning of a guests stay, including a body composition test and resting metabolic rate (RMR) test. Additionally, LifeStyle Fitness will conduct a gait analysis in order to find the right pair of running shoes for your body and fitness type. Unique to this camp, LifeStyle Fitness guests each get a new pair of shoes as part of the program.


LifeStyle Fitness Camp is located east of Interstate 15 in St. George Utah, not far from the Virgin River. Guests to LifeStyle Fitness will typically fly into the nearby St. George Regional Airport or into McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. Shuttle service from either airport is included in the cost of camp.


Pricing for a one-week stay at LifeStyle Fitness Camp is listed as:

  • Private room: $2,249 per person per week
  • Shared room: $2,149 per person per week

LifeStyle Fitness offers discounts for longer stays, with a 4-week stay recommended by the camp for “habit-forming lifestyle change”.

LifeStyle Fitness Camp’s “GolfFit” program has an additional cost to participate in the golfing activities as part of the fitness program.


LifeStyle Fitness Camp may not be right for everyone. Participant groups are small and healthy education is hands-on, including food preparation. Individuals looking for a more relaxing stay, or wishing to be part of a larger program, may want to find a different FitStay. However, people looking for a longer stay in an intimate setting with personalized attention may find exactly what they need at LifeStyle Fitness Camp.

LifeStyle Fitness Camp Pros

  • Personalized attention – With a maximum camp size of six guests at a time, guests at LifeStyle Fitness will definitely not get “lost in the crowd”.
  • Hands-on nutrition – At LifeStyle Fitness, guests will plan their own meals, shop for the groceries, and prepare them along with other guests and trainers.
  • Unique extras – LifeStyle Fitness offers all guests a new pair of running shoes, and the ability to add golfing options to your fitness plan.

LifeStyle Fitness Camp Cons

  • Smaller FitStay – LifeStyle Fitness Camp is one of the smaller options in the FitStays directory, which may not be ideal for everyone.
  • Less down-time – While preparing your own meals will help with nutritional learning, some guests may be looking for a more relaxing fitness vacation experience.

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