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Walkabout Ridge is a small health retreat and bed & breakfast in Evergreen, Colorado. Guests to the week-long Walkabout Ridge program will experience hiking, nutritious meals, and relaxation designed to help guests get in-shape or stay in-shape. With a maximum of 8 guests at a time, Walkabout Ridge visitors are sure to get personal attention from retreat staff.

The retreat is open to men, women, and solo travelers; however, owner/director Wilhelmina recommends Walkabout Ridge in particular for couples and mother/daughter pairs.


Walkabout Ridge offers a bed-and-breakfast-style retreat, and guests will each get a private room within the B&B. Accommodations, meals, education, and most hiking excursions happen on the retreat grounds and in the surrounding town of Evergreen, Colorado.


The fitness and wellness program at Walkabout Ridge emphasizes the outdoors; if you attend, plan on regular guided hikes around the Evergreen area. Other healthy activities include snowshoeing, swimming, and yoga. Program staff emphasizes that participants of all fitness levels will find themselves comfortable at Walkabout Ridge.


Walkabout Ridge emphasizes healthy meals as part of the program. Guests can enjoy three nutritious meals prepared for them every day, or can join in and assist with food preparation to help learn healthy habits. The retreat also provides take-home healthy recipes for all guests to extend their wellness after the stay.


Walkabout Ridge is located in the northwest part of Evergreen, Colorado, just off of Stagecoach Boulevard. The retreat is located between Elk Meadow Park and Bergen Peak Tract, and not far from Elephant Butte Park—all opportunities for hiking.

Guests of Walkabout Ridge will likely fly into the Denver International Airport (DEN), a one-hour drive from the retreat. Plan on renting a car from the airport, or taking a shuttle to the Marriott Denver West hotel; Walkabout Ridge staff will then provide free transport from the Marriott to the retreat.


The week-long program at Walkabout Ridge is priced between $2,250 and $2,330, depending on payment type. (Cash and check get the discounted rate.) Walkabout Ridge also offers occasional specials and deals, and may offer discounts for extended stays.


Walkabout Ridge is a bed and breakfast retreat centered around hiking, healthy eating, and overall wellness. Individuals or small groups looking for a small wellness retreat with personalized attention should consider Walkabout Ridge as one of their FitStay options.

Walkabout Ridge Pros

  • Personalized attention – With a maximum of eight guests at one time, you are guaranteed to get personal attention at Walkabout Ridge.
  • Mountain environment – Past guests have complimented the beautiful mountain hikes and outdoor activities around Walkabout Ridge. If walks and hikes around the Rocky Mountain are appealing, this is worth checking out.

Walkabout Ridge Cons

  • Small retreat – Guests that would not be comfortable hiking, eating, and staying with the same small group for the week at this retreat may prefer a larger FitStay option.
  • Low-impact fitness  – The hiking, walking, and snowshoeing options offered by Walkabout Ridge are relatively low-impact, and more limited than some other FitStays. Guests looking for a more high-impact workout may wish to review other options in this category.

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    Holly Submission Oct 21, 2019

    My 4th visit and I'll be back.

    Thank you for yet another wonderful week at Walkabout Ridge. This was my 4th visit and though many come specifically to lose weight, I come for the opportunity to unplug from the office and enjoy the trails, guest fellowship, Wilhelmina's wonderful food, insite and her delightful stories of life on stage and around the world.

    A dear friend and I were the only two to book this week and we hiked just over 40 miles during our 5 days. We needed sunscreen & visors the first 3 days followed by our winter gear and even yak traks due to an early snow fall, which I must say added a whole new beauty to the changing Aspens. We were well prepared due to the advance weather forecast, though if needed, Wilhelmina has a wonderful supply of extra gear.

    The accommodations are very comfortable, the food is lite and fresh, the views extroidinary and lounging in the hot tub at the end of the day is magical, whether under the stars or with falling snowflakes. The upgrades to the massage room and exercise studio are lovely and it sounds like Wilhelmina has plans for even more.

    I always drop between 5 and 8 pounds but more importantly feel incredibly refreshed. I have never been dissapointed and always look forward to a return visit.

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