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NVoke Health Retreats is an all-inclusive yoga retreat and wellness program in the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia. Retreats at NVoke began in 2019. Guests will be encouraged to embrace a satisfying life in which they overcome trauma, lose weight, reach inner peacefulness, and recognize their potential. Supervised by experienced facilitators, programs will feature lymphatic yoga, mantra meditation, integrative exercise, and cooking classes. Gluten-free, vegetarian meals will be provided in an alcohol-free environment.


Overnight accommodations will be offered in the New Vrindaban Palace Lodge. This facility is already in operation and includes a variety of room choices, as well as cabins and an apartment suite. Standard rooms are equipped with two queen beds, private bathroom, and an air conditioner. Cabins are larger with separate living areas and kitchenettes. Guests spend most of their time outdoors or in the newly build Retreat Hall with views of the property’s lake and wilderness.


During health retreats, fitness will be centered around intentional yoga and mantra meditation. Daily programs are designed to target and stretch specific areas of the body and relax the mind. Other physical activities include walking and hiking.

There is not an onsite fitness facility or spa. Guests will adhere to a pre-arranged program in order to achieve optimal wellness results.


Gluten-free, vegetarian meals will be included in the retreat packages. An established menu designed by the program founder is comprised of specially created foods meant to alter guests’ ideas of taste satisfaction. Weight loss is a key component of these programs.

The 10-day Rejuvenating Cleansing Retreat incorporates fasting, cleansing regimes, detox protocols, and refeeding. A doctor will be onsite to assist with any challenges. The 3- or 5-day Cooking Retreat teaches health-related skills in meal preparation and plating.

There is no meat or alcohol available anywhere at the facilities. While it is discouraged, guests may discreetly pack alcohol on their trip. It must be consumed in their rooms.


Retreats at NVoke Health will include daily programs of brushing, milking and interacting with the property’s dairy cows. The founders embrace the idea that in meditative cultures, the cow is thought to be sacred and held in high esteem. They believe that interacting with and caring for cows can increase levels of hormone oxytocin and predispose the body to healthier inner environments.

Participants will also take part in fellowship ceremonies. These experiences are intended to help guests let go of the past and find positive intentions for the future.


NVoke Health Retreats is located in New Vrindaban, West Virginia. The property is close to Moundsville and is considered part of the Wheeling metropolitan area. Many roads to the property are unpaved or unmaintained, and GPS is not recommended. Accurate directions are provided on the New Vrindaban website.

The nearest international airports with rental car services are:

  • Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh, PA is 70 miles away.
  • Port Columbus International Airport in Columbus, OH is 140 miles away.
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, OH is 173 miles away.


This FitStay is a retreat-focused health and wellness experience. Tuition for the 10-day Rejuvenating Cleansing Retreat is $1,080 plus accommodation fees. Tuition for the 3- or 5-day Healing the Heart with Cooking Retreat is $108 per day plus accommodation fees. Tuition costs include meals, seminars, supplements, yoga classes, extracurricular activities, workshop materials, cultural evenings, taxes, gratuities, and a donation that helps with building upkeep and maintenance.

Accommodation fees at New Vrindaban Palace Lodge range from $78 to $146 per night for regular rooms that can accommodate 2 to 4 guests. Cabin and apartment fees range from $196 to $219 per night and can accommodate up to 6 guests.


NVoke Health Retreats is a wellness curriculum focused on physical and mental wellbeing, mindfulness, and weight loss. There is a strong concentration on yoga and meditation. Meals and activities are included in retreat packages. No meat or alcohol is found on the property.

Located in the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, this FitStay is a good choice for people seeking a guided retreat experience, cleansing environment, and pre-planned vegetarian meals. Retreats are currently scheduled to begin in Spring of 2019.

NVoke Health Retreats Pros

  • Pre-set menus – Chefs prepare gluten-free, vegetarian meals each day, featuring fresh ingredients.
  • Yoga and Meditation – There is a robust schedule for these programs.
  • A focus on total physical and mental wellbeing – Guests are taught to alter their ideas of taste satisfaction and let go of the past.

NVoke Health Retreats Cons

  • Lack of high intensity aerobic exercise and weight lifting activities – Guests who are accustomed to an extremely active physical lifestyle will need to incorporate their own exercise routine into daily activities.
  • Difficult travel – Some roads to this location are not GPS-friendly and can be unpaved or unmaintained.

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