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Prama Wellness Center is a yoga and diet retreat center in North Carolina, located just 20 minutes from Asheville. The center offers amenities for both relaxing and revitalizing retreats. Prama Wellness Center is small in size, with only 5 bedrooms, and aims to improve the physical and mental health of its guests using the power of yoga, meditation, juice cleansing and vegetarian food during a stay of either three or five days. There is also a 10-day retreat advertised, but guests are encouraged to call for details.

3-day Retreat

The 3-day retreat is intended for both individuals and groups who want a weekend getaway during which they can immerse themselves in holistic wellness activities that include yoga classes, swimming, as well as releasing toxins through juice cleansing, vegetarian eating and unwinding in the cedar sauna. The 3-day retreat offers the following services:

  • Yoga classes for all levels: Participants get to practice yoga in unique locations whether they’re beginners, intermediate or advanced.
  • Fresh vegetarian meals: Prama Wellness Center believes there are amazing health benefits obtained through a vegetarian diet. The center offers specially arranged menus to improve digestion, detoxify and provide wholesome nutrition. The goal of each meal is to promote weight loss and cleanse the colon.
  • Juice detox: Juices are a main focus of and first step of each 3-day juice detox retreat. Prama Wellness Center provides a variety of juices and smoothies to focus on ridding the body of toxins and improving the digestive system, internal organs and entire bloodstream. Because the juice cleanse gives the body a chance to process the heavy foods it may be carrying while maintaining nutrition, it is the very first step of every 3-day health and wellness retreat that Prama offers.

5-day Retreat

The 5-day holistic retreat offered by Prama Wellness Center is intended for people who want to experience the benefits of a full wellness retreat without committing to the time constraints of a longer retreat.

In addition to what is offered with the 3-day retreat, guests receive:

  • Health consultation: A 5-day health detox retreat can be enhanced by personal consultations with available health coaches who understand individual needs and help guests do the following:
    • Apply holistic health techniques for deeper relaxation
    • Release of toxins from the body
    • Lose weight, if needed
  • Other holistic options: The 5-day retreats also include free time that can be used for taking advantage of mud treatments, the endless pool, cedar sauna, hiking trails and more.

10-day Yoga Detox Retreat

The 10-day retreats offer the full benefits of a detox retreat while helping guests develop wholesome health habits geared toward all-around wellness. Guests are encouraged to contact the center for details on how to customize their 10-day stay.


Prama Wellness Center offers a total of five bedrooms for both private and semi-private rooms as well as sheets and pillows for guest use. There isn’t much more than that offered in the accommodations to avoid distracting temptations. Prama wants their guests to wake up feeling stronger, healthier and more relaxed.

Depending on the event and the needs of the participants, rooms can be utilized as private rooms for singles, couples or for groups of up to four people. Prama charges extra private rooms.

The center usually has 2-3 private rooms available. All private rooms have a private bathroom.  All shared rooms have an attached bathroom and shower. There is one room that is equipped with a shower for those with physical disabilities.


Although Prama Wellness Center offers a schedule to allow guests to relax and take advantage of their retreat’s benefits, there is also free time available for other activities such as silent meditation for deeper self-discovery, relaxing in the cedar sauna and exercising in the endless pool.

Prama Wellness Center offers access to a variety of scenic walking trails, allowing guests to burn an average of 500 calories per hour. Because the trails are on a natural path, many people believe that it improves cardiovascular health while lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


Prama Wellness Center not only offers a cleansing juice diet, but also provides unique, fresh and organic vegetarian food for guests who don’t feel comfortable doing a full liquid cleanse. The food consists of simple soups and salads in lieu of the full liquid cleanse.


Prama offers free time between 2:00 – 5:15 p.m. daily to allow for relaxation, detox therapies, consultations, massage, hiking, swimming, sauna and more. In addition to the host of fitness activities Prama Wellness Center provides, it also offers:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Massage — Prama Wellness Center offers a variety of massages including rejuvenating, Thai, Ayurvedic Abhyanga, deep tissue and hot stone massage. Call for pricing.
  • Wellness coaching — Sessions can be held in-person, online or via phone. Sessions are available Monday or Thursday. Guests are eligible to save $50 if they have attended a weekend program, or $100 if they have attended a 5-day program. Otherwise, the cost is as follows:
    • Individual session — $75 per hour
    • Silver package — 4 sessions for $275
    • Gold Package — 8 sessions for $400


Prama Wellness Center is located just 20 minutes from Asheville, North Carolina, surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and hiking trails. The address is:

140 South Panhandle Rd.
Marshall NC, 28753


Pricing for the five-day retreats are as follows, not including extras like massage and consultation.

5-day Retreat

Shared Accommodation: $1,095
Private Accommodation: $1,295


Prama Wellness Center provides is for people serious about doing detox cleanses. Brief three to five-night stays make detox feel manageable for a quick recharge. Accommodations are basic and meant for those serious about health and wellness as opposed to a luxury retreat.

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