The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village – CLOSED

The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village – CLOSED

CLOSED - 4-Day Luxury Wellness Weekend

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The Ranch 4.0 is Closed

Update 2022: The Ranch is no longer offering 4-day retreat packages. Travelers interested in this FitStay may wish to check out The Ranch Malibu, a week-long retreat offering.

About The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village

The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village (R4) is a four-night weekend retreat in Westlake Village, California. R4 is a shortened version of the week-long Ranch Malibu retreat. The R4 FitStay program believes in inspiration through nature and runs their program on fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

This program is limited to 16 guests per week and takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. During the program the guests experience rigorous workouts, separated by designated eating times and daily naps.

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This FitStay takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. The Four Seasons Hotel holds 269 rooms, but only 16 are designated for the Ranch Malibu 4.0’s guests. Therefore, there will be people who are not in the program on the resort property.

This resort’s view is of the wilderness and Santa Monica Mountains. Despite being near the mountains, Wi-Fi and cell receptions are available at the accommodations. The accommodations are luxury in their look and feel; the property offers high ceilings, a chandelier, and floor-to-ceiling windows in every guest room.

Each room has a king-sized bed and large private bathroom. The bathrooms are large and have a separate tub and shower. Despite the room feeling very finished and luxurious, the coffee maker and mini bar are removed from the accommodations of those in the R4 program so that guests are not tempted during the program.


The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village is known for the rigorous fitness involved in this short program. Every morning guests will go on a 10-mile hike which takes 3.5-4 hours per day. This hike is accompanied by a small handful of almonds. These almonds serve more of a mental strength than to quench hunger; it trains the person to understand that the body does not require much to feel full if eating the almonds in intervals.

In addition to the regular hikes, R4 offers strength training and yoga daily. These classes are performed either inside the fitness room or outside in a large courtyard. All fitness classes are designed to give the body a well-rounded workout, touching on cardio, abs and strength.


The food at The Ranch 4.0 offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a morning and afternoon snack. These five low-calorie eating times are sectioned in between activities and workouts to help keep the body energized.

The meals are plant based and grown organically on site or at nearby farms. There is an onsite chef who uses the ingredients to make vegan meals that are both colorful and tasteful. These meals vary per season due to the types of fruits and vegetables grown depending at the time of the year.

The FitStay keeps the calories at around 1,400 per day in order to optimize weight loss during this short stay. Although there is a calorie-driven diet, the breakfast is buffet style. This eating style puts the control of staying in the calorie range in the guests’ hands.


Guests will receive daily massages as part of the program. The massages are a great complement to the muscles that will be worked intensely during this trip.

The weekend trip includes a cooking class in which program guests will have time to learn to cook vegan meals enriched in nutrients. Each participant will also receive a copy of The Ranch’s cookbook, The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook.

The resort includes a sauna, steam room, and indoor and outdoor pools that can be used by the guests during their free time.


The Ranch 4.0 is located in Westlake Village, California, and is hosted by the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village. The property is only 25 minutes outside of Malibu, and 45 minutes from the Las Angeles Airport. The program does not provide airport transportation, so guests will have to arrange their own car services to get to the hotel.


This FitStay is $3,900 for four nights, and requires a $2,000 deposit at time of the registration. The four-night program runs Thursday through Monday. This price is all-inclusive and includes all meals and accommodations for the duration of the stay.

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Overall, this FitStay is luxurious, but comes at a price. It would be best suited for those who want intensity but cannot commit to a week-long program. Being in the mountains but still within an hour of the airport allows for feeling disconnected but still not being inconvenienced by the wilderness.

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