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The Ranch Malibu is a week-long fitness program in California focusing on weight loss in a luxury west coast setting. This resort is the original of the Ranch properties, which also includes The Ranch 4.0 Westlake Village and The Ranch Dolomites. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains of California, The Ranch Malibu allows guests to completely disconnect and go off-grid while strengthening their mind and body.

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There are 18 cottages as available accommodations at The Ranch Malibu. The accommodations have either queen or king-sized beds and come with an en-suite private bathroom.

To provide an off-the-grid feel, there is no cell reception at the resort and the WiFi is limited outside of guest rooms. The program encourages guests to disconnect completely in order to achieve a full mind and body experience, and create a better connection with the personal body and nature.  

The resort offers a pool and jacuzzi the accommodations. These can be used during the down time the guests have in between workouts and meals.


The Ranch Malibu uses 8 hours of daily low-impact cardio to drive results. Each day the program begins physical activity with a 4-hour mountain hike. By the end of the trip, the guests will have walked over 60 miles through the mountains. The hikes vary daily in terms of trail, but the snacks are consistent. Each hike, the guests will receive a small handful of almonds to replenish electrolytes and teach the guests awareness of their bodies.

Low impact fitness classes, such as circuit strength training and yoga, are also part of the daily routine. These classes take place primarily outdoors, though others may take place in an open-air romper room.


The Ranch Malibu offers three meals a day with two snacks, all totaling a 1,400 calorie daily diet. The eating schedule includes: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. This allows to the metabolism to keep moving and the energy to keep up.

All the prepared meals are vegetarian and are grown organically either on site or on nearby farms. Due to the foods being grown locally, the food served at The Ranch Malibu will vary by season. These fruits and vegetables are used to make healthy meals that are colorful and tasteful.


Guests can participate in optional daily nutritional talks in the evenings. In conjunction with these sessions, at the end of the stay a cooking course is included in which guests will participate in a cooking class that resembles meals that were eaten during the stay.

Each day the guests will receive a 45-minute massage. This massage is used to compliment the intense 8-hour muscle workouts that are done during the day.


The Ranch Malibu sits on 200 acres in the Santa Monica Mountains, roughly 4 miles from the Pacific Ocean. This location allows for relaxation and natural inspiration for adventures. Being in the mountains of Malibu, California, the resort is just under an hour and a half from the Los Angeles International Airport, although shuttle transportation is not provided by the resort.


The all-inclusive Ranch Malibu resort costs $8,900 per person for a one-week stay. Couples sharing a room pay only $7,600 per person. The two and three-week stays are $18,400 and $26,600, respectively. A four-week option is available for $34,800, but there are restrictions on the time of year the four-week program runs.

Additionally, The Ranch Malibu program can be combined with The Ranch 4.0 program for a 10-day stay branded “The Ranch 10.0”, in which guests travel between the two locations for a double-FitStay.

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The Ranch Malibu is an off-the-grid FitStay nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains. The program uses low-impact cardio to drive results of losing 3-6% body fat per stay.  There are 8 hours of cardio per day, which includes mountain hiking, yoga and strength training. Due to the price, this FitStay is best for those who want a luxurious resort and are not worried about the extra cost.

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